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The New Orleans Pelican hasn’t gotten much from the bench, so it may be time to try something new.

The NBA recently changed the rules, with two-way players Jose Alvarado Depending on the number of players using COVID, you can play an unlimited number of games this season.

Alvarado for pelicans Two-way transaction Vault on HommesHowever, Hommes is still injured indefinitely.

New Orleans Pelican needs some kind Bench upgrade, Especially because they were backup point guards and their benches were terrible all year round.

Tomas Satoransky is currently shooting 31 percent overall, a staggering 13 percent from a 3-point range. Therefore, he does not have a positive impact on the game in 15 minutes per game.

Would you like to give Jose Alvarado a chance at that moment?

Tomas Satoransky is not the answer of New Orleans Pelican

Jose Alvarado offers several things I don’t do that Satoran key.

He is a very good on-the-ball defender and one of those who can take part in the game, steal and bring the bench unit to life instantly.

He can also run very fast, at least putting pressure on the ball and causing confusion. Alvarado isn’t a shooter too, but it averages 7.3 assists per game in the G League, providing Pers with traditional point guards.

He has a big flaw and is only 6 feet tall, so I’m definitely not saying Alvarado is the answer. But I assure you that Alvarado isn’t going to make it a dog in court, and his energy alone may be enough to awaken this bench unit, which now really hinders Pelican. I am.

Perhaps Alvarado could do a better job of breaking defenses and setting up teammates, Nickeil Alexander Walker to go. At this point Satorankey hasn’t done anything, so it’s worth a look.

Sato is mentioned daily in injury reports, so now may be a great opportunity to give Alvarado a chance to move this bench.

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Now is the perfect time for Pelicans to try Jose Alvarado Now is the perfect time for Pelicans to try Jose Alvarado

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