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NSW folds at the signage return of the partial speed camera

Nat Road moves with a quiet applause

Signage is only visible on top of the vehicle, not approach

According to the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad), the decision to partially restore mobile speed camera signs in New South Wales is a modest victory for driver education.

The New South Wales government requires a sign on the operator vehicle of a mobile automatic speed camera, but not an approach to the camera site. This is a move that has overwhelmed industry groups.

“The danger is that all vehicle drivers suddenly brake when they look at the camera instead of checking speed on the approach,” said Warren Clarke, CEO of Nat Road.

“The automatic speed camera warning sign is an important reminder for the driver to check speed and slow down, but when the driver brakes hard, there is a new risk.”

According to Clark, heavy-duty vehicle operators are dealing with a set of variable speed limits that can lead to unintended rule violations.

“Mobile speed cameras should always be deployed in areas with little accident history.

“It makes sense to have a sign that encourages all drivers to check their speed before reaching the black spot.”

In November, NatRoad appeared before the NSW Parliamentary Stay Safe Commission’s investigation into the speed camera regime to claim the return of signage.

“We told the Commission that people see fine speed violations as an increase in revenue because the link between fines and safety outcomes is unclear or poorly explained.” Clark said.

“Currently, Revenue NSW does not divide fine data into small and large vehicles.

“Without the availability of basic data, it is not possible to determine the impact of enforcement on the safety of heavy vehicles and we will continue to advocate evidence-based measures to enhance safety.”

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NSW folds at the signage return of the partial speed camera NSW folds at the signage return of the partial speed camera

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