Nuketown Weapon Bundle Free with Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Players will be able to take advantage of this free bundle based on this iconic Black Ops map, as Nuketown ’84 is set to drop on November 24th... Nuketown Weapon Bundle 10 item packAvailable in Black Ops Cold War, it features a half-dozen mannequin weapon charm and other items to help you prepare your weapons and profiles for the launch of Nuketown ’84. But, This bundle is separate from the map, which will be released on November 24th. This map is also free for players.

Contents of the Nuketown Weapon Bundle

The 10 items in the Nuketown Weapon Bundle include:

  • “Last Stop” Epic Shotgun Blueprint – This configuration includes a 21.6 inch paratrooper barrel, 6 RND tube magazine, Milstop Reflex Optic, and commando assembly stock. The combination of these attachments will increase the shotgun’s rate of fire, increase the range of damage, increase ammo capacity, slightly increase the speed of aiming and shooting, and sharpen the aiming image. This is all the elements needed for a good secondary weapon.
  • The charm of 6 weapons – Six mannequin weapon charms include Chad, Thad, or Vlad, Karen, Sharon, and Bobbi McDaren.
  • Subject sticker – Subject stickers can be affixed to most Gunsmith weapons.
  • Nuketown Legend Emblem and Omnibus Calling Card – Players can customize their profile with classic Nuketown images using the “Nuketown Legend” emblem and the “Omnibus” calling card.

Note: With Warzone’s migration on December 10th at the beginning of Season 1, all of these items will be available for loadouts and entire profiles.

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How to use Nuketown Weapon Bundle for free

All players who log in when the game starts from November 13th to November 20th will automatically receive the Nuketown Weapon Bundle. Players will be able to find all the items waiting for you in the game by November 20th, much earlier than the debut of Nuketown ’84 on November 24th.

Courtesy: Activision

The Nuketown Weapon Bundle is included with every purchase of the Call of Duty. As long as you log in and play the game before December 4, players will receive this bundle in addition to the edition-specific rewards included in the purchase.

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