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Number of sales tells the story of the driving force

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Kenworth and Volvo have been exposed to a fate that fluctuates since 2019

Kenworth’s best-selling K200. Photo by Warren Cave

At the end of 2019, Kenworth’s grip on leadership in the heavy-duty market seemed very sparse, and Volvo was eager to pursue it, so many experts said it wouldn’t be long before the two locations on the leadership ladder swapped. I predicted it wouldn’t take.

On record, Kenworth finished 2019 in 18.5% of the market with the delivery of 2,350 trucks. Volvo is getting closer and closer throughout the year, ending with 17.6% and 2,239 units.

Momentum certainly seemed to be in Volvo, apparently depressed, at the beginning of a COVID-constrained year, at the midpoint of 2020, Swedish manufacturers took the front line at 18.8% and Kenworth at 16.6%. I’m back.

Then something happened. The wheels were a bit out of Volvo’s charge, Kenworth’s demand went into Hyperdrive, or both.

In any case, Kenworth finished the most unusual 2020 with a strong surge, delivering 2,114 trucks with a market-leading 19.9%, well above Volvo with 1,740 trucks delivered.

Volvo was at the forefront in 2020 before returning to Earth.

The last few months of the year, especially December, had particularly remarkable results in Kenworth. In the final month of 2020, the brand won an incredible 28.5% of the national heavy-duty truck market, while Volvo was severely destroyed by a 11.5% downturn. Certainly a strange day!

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Meanwhile, Volvo’s traditional colleague Mack didn’t do much. And finished a sturdy year in 6th place overall with a modest 6.6 percent. Undoubtedly, in addition to the upcoming national anthem, there is great hope that the number of long-awaited developments of the Superliner and Trident models will bite more into dogs in 2021.

Still, when 2020 was finally nearing its end, Kenworth wasn’t just recording sound numbers.

The other half of the packer pair also enjoyed abundant bounces in December. DAF recorded a significant 5.9% of the heavy duty class, pushing the year-end score to 4.5% and overtaking the Japanese in the process. A trio of Fuso, Hino, UD, Iveco and Freightliner.

Who knows what 2021 will bring? In any case, it’s definitely not boring.

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Number of sales tells the story of the driving force Number of sales tells the story of the driving force

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