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Jimmy BG has a number of 17, which represents a high score in his career and is a mark that he hit twice while playing against the New York Rangers.

Well, 17 isn’t a spectacular number, but it’s quite a few goals. In last year’s Maple Leaf Steam, he finished fifth with 17 goals. In the 2018/2019 Reefs, 8th place would have been enough ahead of Nazem Kadri and Patrick Mallow. Last year it would have overtaken Brock Bozer, Taylor Hall, Jordan Everly and Mitch Manner. So while the 17 goals are works that can consumable players like William Nilander, for example, the contribution from one of the Middle 6 wings is still unacceptable.

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But there is a problem here. Jimmy BG did not score 17 points in 2019/2020. He wasn’t particularly close. As a member of the Buffalo Sabers, Jimmy BG was unable to reach double digits for the first time in his NHL career, ending the season with a total of nine goals.

After Vesey arrives in Buffalo, many contradictory answers come up when trying to determine what caused production to drop. Indeed, he was stapled to Jack Eicher’s wings for most of the season and was given a great opportunity to produce, but he also missed a lot of time due to injuries. Yes, his power play time has dropped dramatically compared to his time in New York, but Vesey has produced most of his goals with equal strength since arriving at the NHL, out of 34 goals. 32 goals were scored between 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 (his back-to-back 17 goal campaign) came with equal strength (27 at 5v5) and only two have the man’s advantage I will. Despite a year’s decline in Buffalo, he scored most of his goals in 5v5 (8 out of 9 goals).

The only possible answer that remains is that Vessie was left to do more as a trigger for the weaker New York Rangers team than the hopeful Buffalo Sabers in the playoffs. (I know, I also grinned). If the numbers do not back it up. In three years with the Rangers, Vesey played 325 shots in 5v5 in 240 games, exceeding the average number of shots per game at the time (1.35). In Buffalo, this number is reduced, but not the whole. Vesey fired 84 5v5 shots towards the goal in 64 games (1.31).

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In other words, it wasn’t a change in power play usage, it wasn’t due to a decrease in linemate quality, nor was it due to a decrease in shot volume. It leaves a return of the shooting rates of our old friends.

When Jimmy BG was in the New York Rangers, he shot less than 11% in 5v5, reaching 12.5% ​​and 11.3% in each of the 17 goal seasons. In his lonely season at Buffalo, his 5v5 shoot rate dropped to 9.5%. “Luck” is often regarded as a dirty word when it comes to sports, but in the case of Jimmy BG, it seems most likely the cause.

Given the nature of the shortened season, 17 has the potential to maintain Jimmy BG’s career height. But if his shooting returns to the norm of his career, believing that it could have been challenged under normal circumstances is not out of the realm of possibility. It’s clear that Vesey has joined the Toronto lineup, but given his NHL production history, one of the controversial signatures of the off-season has brought huge dividends to the desperate team. But it’s not that shocking. For depth scoring for 2012/2020.

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Numerical Leaves: Jimmy BG – The Leafs Nation Numerical Leaves: Jimmy BG – The Leafs Nation

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