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It is no exaggeration to say that William Nilander had a big year in 2019-20. Entering the season, he faced a lot of scrutiny during the 2018-19 season. Sit in the first third in contract negotiations, struggle to regain speed in the second third, and finally regain form in the last third, but a shot to prove it Was not actually given. He responded in his career year, blowing his career out of the water in the 31-goal season, dropping just two points to match the high score of his career (his pace in a full 82 games was 71). Career) Point).

The biggest difference for him was that there was a coach who actually trusted him and gave him a much better time than the 2018-19 season, especially in his use of power play. His 2:53 PP TOI / game was the best of his career, well above his previous high of 2:21. Also, if you played all 82 games, the total increased by almost 50 minutes. Another reason for his career year was how he changed his game and went online a lot more.

That’s why the number of William Nilanders is 27.

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27 is the number of goals William Nilander scored in front of the net this season (according to my own vision test). Whether you’re rushing away from the net or parking in front of you, Nilander’s biggest improvement was being in front of the net to receive a pass or fill the rebound.

That doesn’t mean he hadn’t done it before, but he was also much more dependent on choosing a corner from a little further. It looked beautiful when he scored, but it can be frustrating when he doesn’t. One of the big problems with Nilander’s lack of goals in 2018-19 was trying to select corners frequently on shots rather than increasing pucks online.

Of course, another big reason he saw a big rise in his goals is a very simple answer. It’s a regression. In 2018-19, Nilander’s career shoot rate was 11.11%, but in 2018-19 he only shot 5.38%. This knew that most healthy Reefs fans wouldn’t last long. His reaction in 2019-20 was to shoot 15.7%, which reduced his career shooting rate to 11.3%.

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This is one of the reasons I’m tired of his performance this season. It is very unlikely that he will shoot 15% again this season, instead shooting close to 11% in his career. Considering the number of shots per game last season, career shot rate, and shortening of the 56-game season, the total expected total is 18 goals, which is a 26-goal season, which is a big improvement for him. In a complete 82 games.

Another big influence on his total goals this season may be who he plays with. If he plays with Matthews, he will be a more likely shooter because he is more likely to get more assists than goals just because Matthews is a better goal scorer in the duo. Perhaps Nilander’s better netfront presence may also mean he gets more rebounds from Matthews’ shots. However, when he plays with Tavares, it shows that both players can score goals and set similar play, so of his goals and assists, like 31 goals and 28 assists in 2019-20. Levels where the total can be a little higher.

That said, it’s important to remember that at the age of 24, Nilander was at the height of his career. Many players, like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, usually see the best season in their 24-26 age range, so it’s quite possible that you can even see Nilander’s best season. Whether he provides a ton of assists, becomes a better volume shooter to keep his total goals from falling, or evolves defensive games to improve all-round players, Nylander’s I haven’t seen the best one yet. It would be interesting to go from here.

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Talking to the average Leafs fan, the Leafs elite core is made up of Tavales, Matthews, Marner, and the next layer is said to be Nylander, but talking to a more analytically inclined Leafs fan makes it easy for him. Will be considered part of the core. Nilander learned to slowly evolve the game over the five seasons of the NHL and, from the fact that he’s in prime, to finally make everyone understand that he’s part of that core. I think it’s very likely that we’ll have a good season. ..

But again, his critics seem to have decided what kind of player he is and will continue to do so.

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Numerical Leaves: William Nilander – The Leafs Nation Numerical Leaves: William Nilander – The Leafs Nation

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