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Zack Highman Everyone proved wrong. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. He was selected for the fifth round (123rd overall) in the 2010 draft, but wasn’t considered special at the time. Acquired by Reefs from Panthers in 2015 Heyman has become one of the most valuable players on the team.

Hard worker. Reliable. It’s consistent. Give all of him to every game.

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These are just a few of the phrases used to describe Heimann on the ice in the last two seasons, especially the shortened seasons 2019-2020, and he aimed for some of the best plays ever. It was proceeding smoothly. Heimann stands out as an exception for teams that suffer from inconsistencies, lack of credibility, and often obvious lack of motivation.He has regularly played on the top line with players such as: Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Mitch Manner,and William NilanderBeyond expectations, he solidified his role as one of the most important figures on the team.He fights for the puck, he goes to the corner, he is always There..

And he is the unofficial King of Reefs of the Sky Net Goaltender.

Zack Heiman’s number is 8.

That’s the number of career playoff assists he has. But it is also the number of days of the Hanukkah and Passover festivals. And as the only Jewish player in Reefs, it seemed appropriate to assign Heyman the number 8.

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8 Career Playoff Assist also talks about who Heiman is as a player. He may not be the top scorer (it wasn’t too poor as he scored 21 goals in the 19-20 season), but he’s there to make it happen.

It’s easy to talk about how important Heyman is on ice, and it’s been done many times. In this post, in addition to performing on ice, I’ll explain why Heyman deserves respect and admiration on ice.

Eight reasons Zack Heimann is irreplaceable for the Maple Leafs organization is that it is not found on ice.

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He is a children’s writer

Zack spends downtime when he’s not busy as an NHL player Write a book for kids!

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free time? what’s that? Zack Heimann does not need free time. Rather, he wants to spend his non-hockey time making the world of books more magical for children.

He is the founder of an esports company

Called E11 Gaming:

And he confirmed that during the strange summer of COVID, when many camps were canceled, children had the opportunity to continue their engagement and enjoy themselves.

He regularly donates to charity

And he does so quietly and without much publicity.

He regularly supports organizations such as Sick Kids and UJA Federation, without requesting approval.

He is a smart cookie

He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in history! It is clear that Heiman uses his intelligence on a regular basis, both on and on ice.

He loves dogs

And there’s a beautiful puppy called Lady who has been hanging out with the Reefs field practice and team many times:

He is great with kids

If the fact that he’s writing a children’s book didn’t convince you, this Wonderbread commercial will definitely do. Zack Heiman and the kids go together like PB & J-this is great news as Heiman is a brand new dad!

He takes time to make others smile on a regular basis

Like this recent virtual event for cancer-affected families:

Or something as simple as a tweet to show fan support.

He is a boy in his hometown

Heyman was born and raised in Toronto! He grew up in Forest Hill and lived in Toronto for the rest of his life until he attended the University of Michigan. He was excited when his childhood team exchanged for him, and he has long wanted to be a reef.

Zack, I want that too.

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Numerical Leaves: Zack Heimann – The Leafs Nation Numerical Leaves: Zack Heimann – The Leafs Nation

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