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I’m sure there’s a line somewhere in Melville that suddenly announces that the penguins aren’t too keen. In my mind, I think it’s really Melville-maybe Moby Dick or Encantadas. As I half remember, this line suggests that there is something uniquely unloved about penguins, something a little creepy and annoying.

This line always has a footnote, and yes, Melville admits that he was clearly wrong about this. We love penguins. Do a poll. Penguins are admired all over the world. What they do on the rock. Some of those eyebrows. A powerful chocolate bar synergy for British fans. We don’t even feel fooled when their awkwardness on land replaces the elegance of muscles in the water. The awkwardness that flashes gracefully at the moment of impact seems to actually suggest an adjacent virtue.

Nuts don’t have penguins-or, if any, I missed them. But nuts are all about squirrels, so I thought about Melville’s view of penguins. The squirrel suddenly began to notice. Absent It was universally praised. Sometimes it seems we can’t decide on them. It’s cute, energetic, and moves through the ripples of a lovely fountain pen, but it has a lot of up close, surprisingly sharp teeth! There are those shiny, mysterious eyes. And someone would say, “Oh, I know the gray squirrel killed all the red squirrels,” and maybe a little unwilling quiver?

It may not be. I think the whimsical genius of nuts is taking advantage of this ambiguity about squirrels-it takes advantage of the uncertainties they occupy in our consciousness. The central question in the game is basically: Do you trust squirrels or don’t you trust them? What exactly do you find when you hint at yourself in the world of squirrels?Instinctively, how do you feel get together Squirrel?

These are the questions the game answers, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is how this uncertainty helps facilitate this unusual adventure and make it memorable.

At Nuts, you are a recent graduate student studying squirrels in the Melos Forest. You live in a camper van, have cameras in the woods, and watch feeds from these cameras at night. Communicating with your boss by fax or phone, there’s something heavy, but the first half of the game is characterized by a lazy, idyllic sweetness. I completed the nuts a few days ago, but the contours of the natural spectrum got dirty, so like everything else in this game, I returned to the messy and cozy camper vans of the country, forests and streams and the sky. Warm and variable colors of Miami cocktails-hot pink, dusk blue, leaf yellow, orange.

A playful and bold art style, it works well in the game’s 3D first-person environment, making things easier to read as you go on long hikes or follow your steps. A stone fort to an abandoned oil drum. And as things get darker and more oppressive, the colors change, they become more scary, and the sky and shadows are approaching.

Your work varies from chapter to chapter, but it generally involves capturing footage of local squirrels in video. To do this, you need to know where the squirrel is at the beginning of the day. Fortunately, in-game squirrels can follow the same steps every day. Do real squirrels do this anyway? -And set up the camera. Then, over the day and night courses, you will learn what the squirrel is doing.

This is a game. First night, first camera setup. Can you see the squirrel? Where do you get in and out of the frame? the 2nd day. Where can I place the camera to capture the next action based on their entrance and exit? And a little after that?

A surprising number of different purposes are available in such a setting. Where did the squirrel come from? Where are their hiding places? Can you capture a particular moment of their daily wandering? Did I hate this? There’s something pretty catastrophic about the work revealed by this loop. Every day I wake up, move my camera a few feet, then return to my camper van, trigger an evening shift, video review, and jeeper. The movement of that one camera was my day! But Nuts builds the camera quickly until there are three. After that, exploring the small but exciting levels of the game is a bit fun. Sometimes I tried to predict where the squirrel’s hiding place was, long before the camera perspective daisy chain revealed it. I was always wrong.


Also, keep an eye on the movement of the squirrel itself and the nocturnal congregation, as well as being revealed by fax or phone from your boss when you send a photo of the squirrel to complete the task. Some plots are under development. I once had a friend who admitted that he couldn’t see the Muppet Show as a kid when he realized that the Muppet Show spectators were spectators at the Muppet Show. It was also a Muppet... When I realize that I live around these squirrels, and that I have my agenda and they have their own agenda, I feel a little that quiver with nuts, and really If I’m absolutely honest, I’m following and they’re leading.

Things speed up towards the end of the short story, but this is at the heart of it: you’ll love or hate the main gameplay loop. I liked it. Where others might correctly see busy work, backtracking and annoying failures, I began to enjoy the gradual acquisition of new knowledge, an instance of my fingertips when everything came together.

Looking back, I think Nuts is a game specially made for catastrophists as well as catastrophists. It is for those who shuffle their lives in an orderly manner, but have a mind that swirls outward forever with plans of possible turmoil and misery. Looking at the squirrels, you may be a little jealous of their apparent agency about the glittering clarity of the world where the squirrels appear to be working. Nuts are sometimes a real trip.


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