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March 17 – Trinidad and Tobago FA (TTFA) deepens the news yesterday when head coach Terry Fenwick stabbed media officer Sean Fenwick twice and then pushed his hand against his face. lost. Fenwick had to be separated from Fentes by his Kitman.

Fenwick subsequently denied the accusation, and TTFA even issued a press release from the assaulted spokesman Fuentes stating that “the problem was disproportionately blown away.” But it wasn’t until players and media who witnessed the conflict began sharing voice messages on social media.

The attack took place minutes (Wednesday) before the press conference, and the team departed for the Dominican Republic for the first qualifiers of the two World Cup qualifiers (today). Fenwick opposed the existence of one member of the local media.

Initially, British Fenwick leaves with the team as the case constitutes a clear case of serious misconduct, as reported by witnesses, and theoretically provides a valid reason for his dismissal. It was unclear if that would be allowed. But now it looks like it has been washed under the carpet so that it can remain in harmony after such an incident.

It’s another blow to the reputation of a country that has lost confidence in football management as it was hit 7-0 on the pitch by a makeshift US team in the only competitive match between TTFA and Fenwick during his tenure. The days of two-on-one victories that the United States failed to compete in the 2018 Russia World Cup, and the right to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, now seem to be a very distant past.

Fenwick is a long-controversial character. Strongly believed to have arranged a forged letter of sponsorship support from local construction company Junior Sammy, Fenwick put it in a press release before the elections of former President William Wallace and his “United TTFA” executive group. It was delivered. The letter later turned out to be fraudulent, issued by the company’s letterhead but signed, and no sponsorship was agreed.

No fraud was found until Wallace was elected president of TTFA, Fenwick was appointed head coach of the national team, and Dennis Lawrence, who had a one-year contract remaining, was dismissed.

The disgraceful Wallace was removed by FIFA and a normalization committee was imposed, but Fenwick (who does not currently have professional coaching qualifications) maintained his position.

During his time in Trinidad, Fenwick twisted the opposite player in the tech field with his head while managing in a club game, and after substituting him, hit one of his own players with his head. It was banned for that. In another case, 15 minutes before the end of the match, he chased the club owner into the parking lot and abused him.

British fans will remember Fenwick for his heading ability rather than his ability to play the ball. I hope he used his head more effectively when Maradona ran a ring around him in the defense of England at the 1986 World Cup.

The last Trinidad and Tobago manager, Dennis Lawrence, used his head to do much more. He led the goal of taking Trinidad and Tobago to the 2006 Germany World Cup.

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Nutter? TTFA head coach Terry Fenwick “ass” media chief a few days before World Cup qualifying Nutter? TTFA head coach Terry Fenwick “ass” media chief a few days before World Cup qualifying

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