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NV Energy issues RFP for community solar

NV Energy Has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to design, design, procure, deliver and install a 350 kW community solar project at Mojave High School, the title 1 school in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

This project will be the first of several community-based solar resource projects developed as part of the Extended Solar Access Program established by Parliamentary Bill 465 during the 2018 Nevada Legislative Session. The project will make renewable energy available and create cost savings that directly benefit low-income customers. Each project also provides the benefits of workforce training and accreditation during construction, as intended under the law.

Doug Cannon, President and Chief Executive Officer of NV Energy, said: “Community-based solar projects, such as the one we are developing at Mojave High School, create local jobs and provide educational opportunities for students in our community. To ensure that we benefit from the renewable energy resources in this state. “

The RFP is seeking bids for the design, engineering, procurement, delivery and installation of PV systems for efficient operation and low maintenance. The commercial structure accepted by the project includes engineering, procurement and construction arrangements. The proposal should take into account commercial operating dates prior to December 31st. The project will be competitively evaluated on a variety of factors, including the best value for NV Energy customers and other pricing and non-pricing criteria. NV Energy requires all parties interested in becoming bidders for this opportunity to visit the company’s RFP website.

Bids close by 4 pm on March 29th. The final project must be approved by the Public Utility Commission of Nevada.

NV Energy issues RFP for community solar NV Energy issues RFP for community solar

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