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The interval between posts to QUR is long. I’m always down but not out, looking for something that might bring bacon back. I decided to put some of these in the bottom drawer. It’s not good to see the top 200 of the lottery winners. Few people in that class will double in the next year. In most cases, there is little risk and the price is most often calculated at its value, so in most cases it retains its value and gives a little more in return than the interest of the bank.

So for penny stocks. Most penny stocks are actually penny stocks. Because they are spending more to get there in addition to all the basic capital. You need to make sure they are worth the money they spend in some form that can actually make a lot of time.

Maybe QUR is one of these. Mostly uranium explorers, but trying to find rare earth deposits that could probably be the manufacturer of the company. There was a neighbor at NTU who changed the name from northern uranium to northern resources and changed the main focus from uranium to rare earths. Lynas occupies a good position in NTU, which shows me that it has a prospect. The stock market thinks the same way. I bought 200,000 NTU @ 5c a few months ago, but today it’s 71c.

Some of NTU’s speculation is beginning to affect QUR. I get a hint to enter. This is by design and no one should invest in this type of stock with money they can’t afford to lose. DYOR.: Eek:ld:

NVA-Nova Minerals | Australian Equity Forum NVA-Nova Minerals | Australian Equity Forum

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