Nvidia significantly reduces crypto mining performance on game cards prior to launch of RTX 3060

To curb the ongoing inventory problems of the latest RTX 30 series, Nvidia launches a brand new GPU line with a full Ethereum mining focus, while significantly reducing the effectiveness of GeForce branded hardware. I will.

Prior to the launch of the RTX 3060 on February 25, Nvidia has announced that it will push GPU drivers to halve its potential effectiveness in Ethereum mining. This is achieved by identifying a particular hash algorithm used when mining cryptocurrencies and programmatically degrading card performance.

To compensate for this change, Nvidia is launching a brand new GPU line specifically designed for mining with the latest Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) range. These cards have no video output, low peak core voltage and frequency, and improved airflow, allowing dense data centers to get as much performance as possible from mining racks.

These cards are sold by certified partners, but it’s not immediately clear if they’re special items like Nvidia’s Quadro products. There are a total of four cards in the range so far, with 30HX and 40HX expected in the first quarter and the more powerful 50HX and 90HX in the second quarter. No prices have been announced at this time.

What that means is that for the average PC gamer, cryptocurrency mining on the side may be done for now. But that also means that large mining companies will stop looking at GeForce GPU releases. This could mean that the RTX 3060 will be a much better launch than all other 30 series products.

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