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As in the case of Rampage Friday night we are still thinking about what to expect from NXT in terms of TV numbers.

WWE’s current Technicolor brand isn’t a new show, but its 2.0 renewal counts as one for some. And although there were some unusual competitions on October 6th, those fans seem to continue to choose not to follow NXT on the new course.

According to ShowbuzzDaily, Last night’s American episode was watched by 632,000 people.It’s a 3.5% drop off Last Tuesday.. Demographic ratings for ages 18-49 fell by 7% from September 28 to .13. It’s also tied to this year’s lowests, with the exception of episodes aired on SyFy during the Summer Olympics.

The situation to take into account was the baseball wild card playoffs between the two most popular franchises of any sport, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Their game was watched by more than 7 million people on ESPN and surpassed the rating of 1.90 on major demos. NXT finished in 34th place in the cable original.

They probably won’t come across something like a win or return to the Yanks / BoSox match, but the MLB postseason will be a factor next month or so. And hockey and basketball will be back soon.

Is this the NXT 2.0 floor?While you’re thinking about it, here’s a look at NXT ratings and demo ratings 18-49 years after they moved on Tuesday Wrestlemania 37..

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* Pre-recorded episodes aired on SyFy

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NXT rating declines for 3 consecutive weeks NXT rating declines for 3 consecutive weeks

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