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The number of NXT TVs has been yo-yo since October, and that trend continues on December 21st. At least this Tuesday, there were some things to take into account to mitigate the second blow to the show’s lowest 18-49 year old rating. In 3 weeks.

According to ShowbuzzDaily, Last night’s episode was watched at 591K, an increase of over 5% from the previous week. The number of .11 demos fell by 21% weekly, linking November 16th and December 7th to the worst number of shows in the United States.It also meant that NXT ended up in 46th place in the Cable Original.

Those situations that should be taken into consideration were football games. The COVID reschedule meant that there were two NFL games aired on FOX in different markets. They were seen by more than 14 million people and elicited a demo rating of 3.78. They were added to ESPN, which carries a college football bowl game, and regular NBA coverage at TNT on Tuesday.

Does that mean I’ll be back next week? Even if football wasn’t a factor, it was certainly possible because the rating rebounded after the last low. After Christmas, let’s see what happens when the number of pre-New Year shows comes out.

In the meantime, check NXT ratings and demo ratings for ages 18-49 since moving on Tuesday as usual. Wrestlemania 37..

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* Pre-recorded episodes aired on SyFy

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NXT returns to record a low rating for football NXT returns to record a low rating for football

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