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NXT UK Preview: January 28, 2021

Andrew Hatcher
January 28, 2021-4:49 am

In last week’s NXT UK episode, an early match of this year’s classic took place between NXT Women’s Championship longest champions Kaley Ray and Genie. At the show, Rampage Brown continued to dominate the British roster, winning a big victory over “Bomber” Dave Mastiff. What will tonight’s episode prepare for members of the Black and Gold brands? See here in NXT UK preview:

South Wales Subculture vs Hunt vs Pretty Deadly vs Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter

In tonight’s NXT UK episode, the Tag Team division will be on display during the deadly 4-way elimination match of the Number One Contenders! South Wales subcultures (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster), Pretty Deadly, Ashton Smith, Oliver Carter, and Hunt will fight for the opportunity to face NXT UK Tag Team Champion Gallus. Hunting primates and wild boars will no longer have manager Eddie Dennis banned from the ringside. Pretty Deadly, along with Carter and Smith, headed for the Fatal-4-Way Tag Team Championship slowdown at last year’s NXT Takeover: Dublin, but the event was canceled due to the current pandemic. Tonight, both teams are trying to take full advantage of their second chance of glory. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews had previously won the tag team gold medal and held the title for a short time until Gallus defeated the duo at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff. Gallus has held the title since the battle in Wales and has built an impressive rule over 481 days as a champion. Which team will win tonight and will be the dominant tag team champion in the future? Check it out at NXT UK tonight!

Ben Carter

Tonight, we’ll also be introducing Ben Carter, NXT UK’s latest sensation. Carter, trained by Seth Rollins, made his debut in the January 7th edition of NXT UK as a guest in a “supernova session” with Noam Dar. Dar prepared Carter for the match, and Ben didn’t upset cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin. Carter threw everything he had in Devlin and almost defeated the Irish, but Devlin was in the tank enough to continue his reign. After Nigel McGuinness announced Carter in this week’s episode, Sam Gladwell seemed to challenge newcomers. Will Gradwell follow up, or will another competitor take over Ben Carter? Let’s see what’s happening tonight!

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NXT UK Preview: January 28, 2021 NXT UK Preview: January 28, 2021

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