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lunch new Zealand 400 for 3 (Williamson 153 *, Nicholls 138 *) lead Pakistan 297 in 103 runs (Azhar 93, Jamieson 5-69)

Hello, this is lunch on the third day. New Zealand is in a position to win by hitting only once during the match. If you are a Pakistani fan, you need to know two things.

First good news: Pakistan seemed to have a bowling plan for at least the first hour. The bad news is that there are no ticket gates to display.They also grassed a chance to pardon in Garry Henry Nicoles To 92.

He remained undefeated in 129, his seventh test century and his second this summer 174 He made for the West Indies In Wellington. Kane Williamson Keep quiet as he can only, play pristine on-drive for fun, gently kill them with a delicate little touch, and based on his 24th century tests, don’t make him 153 did. New Zealand’s lead is Ominous 103, with seven wickets still in the hut.

In a cloudy situation with a second new ball at hand, these weren’t the returns Pakistan wanted. It was as if their worst nightmare was unfolding in the daytime.

As Nichols entered the century with a chewy cover drive, he struck like a haunted batter. Looking for improvisation, I bowled and moved the scorecard. It’s not because a hundred got in the way. He was suffering from calf tension and couldn’t run much.

So who dropped the chance? Now, Azhar Ally covered it with grass when Nichols ran away trying to strip the cut, but became cramped for the room off Mohammad Abbas. This was his third grace, which took place early in the session in Pakistan, which began with three maiden overs. The new ball bowlers Abbas and Shaheen Afridi seemed to fill the ball and attack the stump, which they couldn’t do enough in the first hour yesterday.

After the plan went wrong, Pakistan tried to set up a foot trap for Williamson. By the way, Williamson had already hit it after a century. Afridi went around the ticket gate and tried to strangle him. At least they weren’t afraid to try this. He eventually admitted eight goodbyes and even made a window of opportunity to make a big slip on his foot.

Williamson proceeded as calmly as Monday, passing Sir Don Bradman’s test run tally, bringing 7,000 test runs out of 144- Faster than Brian Lara, Ricky Ponting, AB de Villias.. Meanwhile, Nichols joined the fun by walking across a deep square for six minutes to play a fun pickup whip. They weren’t just having fun, they were rubbing salt on Pakistani wounds.

Incredibly, Nichols was also fired early in his 174 course early in the summer.Before that knock he went 13 innings without half a century of testing.. He also missed the beginning of New Zealand’s prestigious summer with similar calf tensions. His place next to it was under the scanner. He was spoken by the selector. He needed a run, and he counted his chances.

Nichols exchanged hard scrap for some glitz, along with some luck, as the session progressed. After drinking, he imprinted his authority on bowling. Use cuts, pulls and paces to slide the ball for comfortable cruising. His partnership between 329 and Williamson is the best at the venue, surpassing the records of Stephen Smith and Joe Burns. It’s also New Zealand’s best fourth wicket stand for any opponent.

Towards the end of the session, the second chance was reduced-although Naseem Hamed’s follow-through was tough. Looking to hit him flat on the bowler’s head, Nichols became cramped for the room and raised it on the bat. Nashim reached out and stopped, but he couldn’t fully grasp it on his second attempt.

Put your hands on your head, put your hands in your pockets, and drop your shoulders-it was a kind of body language from the perspective of the defeated team. I think only miracles can revive the hope of flagging Pakistan from now on.

Shashank Kishore is a Senior Deputy Editor at ESPNcricinfo.

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NZ vs Pack, Second Test-Henry Nicoles, Kane Williamson, Record 3rd Century Stand | Cricket NZ vs Pack, Second Test-Henry Nicoles, Kane Williamson, Record 3rd Century Stand | Cricket

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