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OAN’s “Absolute Proof” disclaimer is more talked about on Twitter than Mike’s “My Pillow Guy” Lindel movie itself.

My Pillow CEO and stubborn Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindel has promised weeks to destroy the “evidence” that supports the unfounded allegations of fraud and vote tampering in the 2020 US presidential election. However, he noticed that his efforts as a channel on which his quasi-documentary was aired on Friday were undermined. Preemptive measures have been taken to avoid appearing to guarantee its reliability.

Lindel’s three-hour film “Absolute Evidence” has been compiled and claimed over the past two weeks. “100%” is displayed China and other countries manipulated votes in favor of President Joe Biden — there is no evidence to support such a claim, Biden has more than 7 million votes for incumbent Trump, 4½ percentage points in the Electoral College, 74 votes Defeated in — premiered to the right on Friday-Wing One American News Network, or OAN.

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It will entertain many people on Twitter
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OAN broadcast a long disclaimer prior to “Absolute Proof,” which states that “the statements and allegations expressed in this program are currently presented only as opinions and are interpreted or interpreted by the viewer as established facts. It is not intended to be done. “

Early review Of the video No real proof All that was provided was the same conspiracy theory and false information that Lindel had trafficked for weeks.Indeed, some viewers YouTube shared screenshots to remove Lindel movies Some parent Lindel users who own the alphabet violated their terms of use
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Video services continue to upload “absolute proofs” to the platform. The alphabet couldn’t be commented immediately, but a spokesperson reportedly told Vice that the video “violated the presidential election integrity policy.”

“The statements and allegations expressed in this program are presented only as opinions at this time and are not intended to be interpreted or interpreted by the viewer as established facts.”

— OAN’s disclaimer for “absolute evidence”

The “opinion only” disclaimer followed by the “absolute evidence” title screen juxtaposition tickled many interesting bones on Twitter and led the “absolute evidence” trend on Friday afternoon.

Another popular joke is the opinion expressed in the video Fuel absolut vodka (This is generally 80 to 100 proofs and worth it) It’s not a difficult fact.

Some critics also warned that this was more “absolute evidence” of Dominion Voting Systems’ proceedings in a pending defamation proceeding against Lindel.The company has The proceedings warned that it was “imminent” He accused Lindel of being “a prominent leader in ongoing false alarm campaigns” and claimed that the voting tech company’s machine was equipped to support Biden.

Voting machine company earlier this week Smartmatic sued former Trump legal representatives Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, as well as Fox News and its hostsIn a $ 2.7 billion defamation case, they accused them of spreading similar fraudulent election claims about the company.

OAN has carefully nominated both voting technology companies in its Absolute Proof disclaimer. “OAN does not adopt or endorse any statement or opinion of this program regarding the following entities or people,” he said before listing voting technology companies.

OAN is not the only right-wing cable news network that keeps away from Lindel’s conspiracy theory to avoid similar proceedings.

Newsmax TV, a media outlet affiliated with Trump, asked Lindel about the suspension of Twitter, which aired on Tuesday. Lindel instead began citing unfounded fraud conspiracy theories and read a statement to Anchor Bob Sellers pointing out that Newsmax was unable to verify its allegations about voting machines.Channel I first read such a statement on the air a month and a half ago, After Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems threatened to file proceedings against many right-wing media for broadcasting false allegations. The seller then moved away from the set and shortened the interview.

However, parents Lindel’s viewers were outraged by the seller’s runaway, so Anchor returned some of his frustration to the air in the next segment, calling Lindel a “friend” of the network, and he said “of I was able to handle the end. ” The interview is different. ”

MyPillow is widely promoted in the right-wing media. According to some data analysisAccounted for nearly 40% of all advertising spending on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s evening program in early 2020.

OAN’s “Absolute Proof” disclaimer is more talked about on Twitter than Mike’s “My Pillow Guy” Lindel movie itself. OAN’s “Absolute Proof” disclaimer is more talked about on Twitter than Mike’s “My Pillow Guy” Lindel movie itself.

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