Obsidian RPG “Pillar of Eternity and Tyranny” will be free at next week’s Epic Store

GStarting December 10th, Obsidian’s RPG Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny are ready to be available for free at the Epic Store.

Obsidian RPG “Pillar of Eternity and Tyranny” will be free at next week’s Epic Store

Next week you’ll get two obsidian RPGs instead of one From December 10th, Free access to Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny at the Epic Game Store.

Get the classic CRPG Pillars of Eternity – Definitive Edition for a week. Choose from 11 classes including Barbarians, Chanters, Ciphers, Druids, Fighters, Monks, Paladins, Priests, Rangers, Rogues and Wizards. Embark on an adventure across Eora with your friends in this party-based RPG. Definitive Edition includes The White March Part 1 & 2, Deadfire Pack, and Royal Edition Upgrade Pack.

Eternal pillar

There is also Tyranny – Gold Edition. This is a story-driven RPG where your choice changes the world around you. Step into a war-torn world and experience memorable companions while being tested in tactical real-time pause combat. The Gold Edition includes all previously released DLC, including Tales from the Tiers, Bastard’s Wound, Portait Pack, Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack, and the soundtrack.


This RPG is only available for one week at the Epic Games Store, so be sure to get it for free before the offer ends.

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