Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Review

When I first played Oceanhorn At PlayStation Vita in 2013, I got the main atmosphere of The Legend of Zelda and was happy with what I played.Now, seven years later, I got the chance to play Oceanhorn 2: Knight of the Lost Area, the first part of the first game. I was playing the game on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, so I could play it on the go and on the big screen. This was a great option. Again, you can see the powerful The Legend of Zelda, but this time it’s heavily influenced by the Breath of the Wild title in the Zelda series.

If you have never played Oceanhorn The second game is the first part and is set before the event in the first game, so don’t worry. Oceanhorn The second is an action-adventure role-playing game that follows the character “The Hero”. Set 1000 years before the first game event, you’ll see the character embark on a magical journey across Gaia. Warlock Mesmeros is back with a formidable dark army. It’s up to you to unleash Auras, Gilfolk, and the men to fight this great threat and save Gaia as a whole.

Mechanically Oceanhorn 2 It’s very simple and convenient because all you have to do is pick it up and play. The battle is simple, but slow and buggy, and the character’s stamina doesn’t seem to last that long. It seems to run in bursts rather than long runs and cool down a bit. You literally run for 10 seconds and lose all your stamina. This is the real pain in the buttocks. Bombs, grappling hooks, caster guns, etc. are all part of the weapon and there are a variety of items that can be of great help. During your journey and battle. There is also a choice of spells. You can use them to complete various puzzles and heal yourself when damaged. Your main weapons are swords and shields, you can block oncoming attacks with your shield, but you lose stamina to do this. If you run out of stamina bars, you should pay attention to stamina bars, as enemies can damage you even if you try to block the attack. The sword is easy to use and you can unlock the enemy combo just by hitting the Y button.

Oceanhorn 2 really encourages you to explore the play to find treasure chests and various other goodies. I literally chop up bushes around the world, breaking vases and finding ammo, health and other goodies. There are many puzzles to overcome in order to advance the game, and some are taken seriously. You may also try a walkthrough over the internet. When I saw the puzzle completed and wondered, “Why didn’t you see it?” But this is good because it doesn’t just challenge the player and pass the answer on the plate. However, the puzzle can be very difficult to understand and can not be as easy as standing on a button and opening the door.

Since there is a party, you can fight with other characters and complete the puzzle. You can assign tasks to these characters simply by using the D-Pad. Other characters can sometimes ease the situation, but during the boss battle they just run around, take damage, and appear to get in the way. Their AI is so simple that it feels like it’s programmed to run around, hit strange targets, and stand on buttons. I wish they were a little smarter, but that’s not the end of the world.

The graphical art style is beautiful and I like it very much when it comes to video games. I love the environment, characters, and the whole world created by Cornfox & Bros. Sometimes it looks like someone is reading the script and not making an effort to increase tension in a particular scene, but I love having a voice actor in this game. I like voice actors. Because you can see the scene unfold without having to sit down on the dialogue page and read everything. It can also give your character a personality and bring it to life, which helps to make your character stand out more. This makes Oceanhorn 2 work well for some characters. My two favorites are Trin and Gen.

After completing Oceanhorn 2, the replay isn’t worth much. The game comes with a 12 hour or longer single player campaign that will make you want to keep playing until the end. If you’ve played the Legend of Zelda game, be aware that due to the strong similarity you get from this title, you’re playing it to fill the time before the next Zelda game comes out. Let’s do it. After all, I ended the story and couldn’t see myself playing the game.

Docking vs no docking

Personally, it was more fun to undock Oceanhorn 2 and play. This is because I was able to play wherever I wanted, whether at work or lying in bed. The ability to select a large screen or handheld is useful. However, I didn’t like to use the big screen because the overall quality of the graphics deteriorated and I felt it became very unstable when exploring the environment. That said, when playing in handheld mode, these issues didn’t occur and the game ran very smoothly and felt good looking.


Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm seems to be a very dull version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Personally, I don’t know if this is good or bad. The Legend of Zelda is a completely different ball game, and much better than this, so I’m always comparing the two. If you use Oceanhorn 2 as it is, you will get a very fun game with fun elements, but I loved the Breath of the Wild and The Legend of Zelda, so I think it will give you a more basic gaming experience. provide. I’m not saying that Oceanhorn can’t be played because you’ve enjoyed playing Oceanhorn or having enjoyed certain parts, but there’s a lack of combat and the overall experience blows your socks with you. There is no such thing. Very long, for these reasons, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm should be given a score of 6-10.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Area Developed by Cornfox & Brothers This game can be purchased here for £ 29.99

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Area Review on Nintendo Switch

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