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Hungarian Grand Prix winner, Esteban Ocon In honor of his teammate, two world champions, Fernando Alonso..

When he finally found the way to the podium-parked in the wrong place and rebuked himself as a result-waiting to greet him there Esteban OconTeammate, Fernando AlonsoThe Spaniards were clearly pleased with the result.

Sure, all the work is due to Ocon, but Alonso played his role in the French victory and gave him valuable breathing space by apparently refusing to give up quickly. Lewis HamiltonAnd in the process, it excites fans with one of the great fights of the season.

At the moment after the race, Ocon was keen to pay homage to the Spaniards.

“I heard about Fernando before coming to the team, he was a difficult teammate to work with, he was doing tricks, he wasn’t fair with the team, he was ruthless, and so on. But what I have with Fernando is great, “he grinned. “He shares information, pushes the team forward, and is heading towards the same goal of winning in the future.

“I’m proud to work with him today. He’s a privilege. He’s such a legend … I hope I can share more podiums.”

Mentioning his victory, the French said, “What a moment, what a moment!” He said. “It feels very good. Obviously the first victory since then. Renault The group returned to Formula 1.

“There was a difficult moment with the team this season. I’m back in a great place in Silverstone.

“And what can I say today? It’s great … The victory is also thanks to Fernando in the fight he did. It’s teamwork. That’s all. I think it was a great day. increase.”

Things haven’t been easy for Ocon this season. In a series of races between Azerbaijan and Austria, he suffered from engine problems in Baku and accidental damage on the opening lap and was unable to score points. Red bull ring. Indeed, in both races in the ring he was unable to enter the second quarter.

So it’s no wonder that Ocon had the opportunity to thank him for sticking to Alpine.

“When I was in the first quarter, when I was on P17, I don’t know exactly where I was, but the team maintained a lot of confidence,” he said.

“Now we’re back where we belong, which is great. Cebu was so fast throughout the race that I was under a lot of pressure.

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Ocon pays homage to his “tricky” teammate Alonso Ocon pays homage to his “tricky” teammate Alonso

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