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After a year away from the race and having to adapt to the characteristics of Renault’s F1 car, the French took some time to fully speed up again.

After successfully bridging the gap with his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, Ocon took his first podium in second place at the Sakhir Grand Prix.

Ocon said the improved form at the end of the campaign was a result of increased confidence in the car. This allowed me to experiment with the setup further and try to get going and benefit.

“We were experimenting more and more on my side than earlier this year,” he explained.

“Early, I was trying to organize my driving and get everything I was doing on track.

“And unfortunately, in Formula 1, you can get more time by working closely with engineers and doing more work in the car, because in the end you will be confident. After that, driving accompanies it.

“In the end, I felt it was much better later this year and I was happy with the car. The Bahrain 1 car was happier than the whole season.

“That’s where the car felt so strong. I think we were fingering something, and it was definitely the right way and the right course.”

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Ocon said he realized the difficulty of learning a new car only when he started competing with Renault. His previous aspects at Force India and Mercedes had aspects that had to be redone from the beginning.

“Overall, the car doesn’t work the same as Mercedes, as I drove in the test, or like Force India,” he said. “They are not the same and do not have the same characteristics.

“You don’t turn corners the same way, it’s a little different. The way you approach and the way you tune your car aren’t the same.

“So I had to relearn what I thought was already there. I wanted to go back and do the same as I did in Force India, and as you know. Ask me to sort the car for me. It’s not.

“Every car is different. And yeah, that’s what I learned. You need to find the best way and you need to find the best way to set it up to go faster on the lap. Yes, and obviously that’s what we are. We understand more and more throughout the year. “

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Ocon was within the “touch” distance of something special in 2020 Ocon was within the “touch” distance of something special in 2020

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