October 2020 Monster Vine Holiday Gift Guide

We all have people who have difficulty finding gifts. That’s why we are here to get rid of the difficult part of the gift buying process with the Holiday Gift Guide.

Great accessories

Lexip Pro Pu94 Mouse – $ 40 [Diego]
as a whole, Lexip Pu94 Despite the bugs, it’s still my go-to everyday mouse. Is it annoying to have to disconnect and reconnect the mouse because I suddenly lost access to mouse clicks? completely. But it’s a two-second fix, and the joystick is so useful for a variety of programs that it’s sometimes annoying. It was released last year for $ 150, but I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s still in that price range. Since then, the price has dropped significantly to $ 40. This is a highly recommended price if you are looking for a mouse that will help you make a quality of life change in your productive work. Read the full review here

BenQ EX2780Q – $ 450 [Austin]

After using the EX2780Q for a year, I’m still impressed with the display. And now, new consoles are coming out that seem even more appealing for compact desk setups. Especially if you have an Xbox Series S in your hand, target low resolutions and take advantage of high frame rates and HDR settings. Many of the advanced, state-of-the-art features may seem overwhelming at first, but the proof is in the photos. Excellent image quality that is ready to use right out of the box, with a wealth of customization settings to make the right adjustments for each game. It can be played without headphones and maintains a high quality audio experience, so you can get home from work and play games, which is much more relaxing.


1More Triple Driver + BT Adapter $ 80 [Austin]

Wired earphones with a wired touch that has excellent sound quality at a reasonable price. These triple driver buds are the first to be THX (yes, that cinema sound) certified. That is, it provides quality across frequencies and is balanced between channels. While enjoying the simplicity of a one-button Bluetooth adapter, we enjoy the versatility of being able to connect to traditional analog connections. Still, you get the same quality listening experience. The buds fit snugly in your ears during long, moving work days. The only problem I encountered was forgetting that the bud was there.

Astro A40 TR – $ 150 [$200 w/Astro.ID] [Diego]
If these are $ 150, would you recommend it over something like Audio-Technica? There is no hell. But if you’re looking for a gaming-only headset (and want to pay a premium to customize your headset) Astro A40TR A great choice.Read the full review here

MonsterVine’s Holiday Gift Guide for October 2020

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