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Oculus Go may soon pave the way for Facebook-free Oculus Quest.

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Try using an older video game console like the N64. As long as the power supply is intact, it will function as it did decades ago. However, it’s not always clear that new consoles and games will continue to work properly after developers stop supporting them. If the manufacturer shuts down the server for wireless (OTA) updates and in-store purchases, console use will be restricted. This is especially true for digital consoles like the Oculus Go. Abolished in 2020 We will lose support after 2022.

This is not important for most VR super fans. Oculus Quest 2 And many years ago they boxed their Gos.But for those who want option Friday news from John Carmack, CTO of Oculus Consulting, is a blessing to try something on an old headset a few years later.

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According to Carmac, Oculus “makes available an unlocked OS build for the Oculus Go headset that can be sideloaded to gain full root access.” This OS guarantees that the games owned by Oculus Go are completely up-to-date. More importantly, you can “reuse your hardware” and do whatever you want.

For those of us who don’t have a drive Root and ROM hack device, This may not make much sense. But mods can use the unlocked Oculus Go for all sorts of cool uses that Facebook didn’t even imagine when it launched in 2018. As Carmac said in a reply tweet, he wants “early VR”. [to be] Explored as history. This will give VR historians easy access to technology in the next few years.

Does this apply to future (or past) Oculus devices such as the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest?Car Mac Tweet “I hope this sets a precedent for headsets to become unsupported in the future, but it took more effort than expected to get all the permissions needed for this.” Therefore, today’s headsets There is no guarantee that it will occur in rear These devices are not currently for sale.

For now, at least Sideload the Quest2 app Or, it’s not a completely restricted ecosystem, as you can change the content of Quest 2 fairly easily.But there were certainly some first controversies Facebook account requirements To use Quest 2 — especially if it means banning Facebook or deleting your account, it means losing access to your entire game library.

Can I play VR games without a Facebook account on the fictional rooted Oculus Quest 2? we, Quest 2 Facebook login is here, And Facebook seems unlikely to relax that limit over time. However, in theory, the deprecated but unlocked Quest 2 can be used for other purposes without Facebook. The best Oculus Quest 2 game..

Root access has to wait, which is a good sign that Facebook is ready to support open access to older VR hardware in the future.The same applies to the recent relocation of the company Backward compatible with OpenXR For old VR games on new hardware ( Oculus Quest 3).

If you have Oculus Go and plan to use it, Carmack states that unlocked OS builds are likely to be placed on the Oculus website, but the final distribution plan is not yet available. Not decided.

Facebook-only for now

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Oculus Quest 2

Sideloading is still an option

You can get root access to the Oculus Go, but its 3DoF headset isn’t exactly state-of-the-art these days. For properly immersive VR with great motion control and a wide range of games, Oculus Quest 2 is the best bet, even if the OS is more limited.

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Oculus Go may soon pave the way for Facebook-free Oculus Quest. Oculus Go may soon pave the way for Facebook-free Oculus Quest.

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