Oculus takes a closer look at Resident Evil 4VR remake

Oculus hosted its first livestreaming game showcase this week, spending a significant amount of 25 minutes of runtime focused on VR Resident Evil 4 (Quest 2 only). The new footage gives you an overview of the in-game feel of combat and how the system has changed and remains the same.

Most notably, the VR port adapted the perspective of the third person in Resident Evil 4 to the first-person experience, and many adjustments had to be made to accommodate it. Weapon use becomes a more physical experience with Quest 2’s motion control, allowing for finer melee weapon control, dual wield, and the ability to manually reload the gun. This also adds the threat of tinkering with reloads in tense situations.

The game offers VR-style teleportation and room-scale tracking as mobility options, but developers expect most people to navigate with analog sticks as they would for non-VR games. The developers also confirmed that the VR version of the game is comfortable to play while sitting, as the game is longer than the one designed specifically for VR. The enemies are balanced to cope with the increasing difficulty of navigating in VR, but Oculus expects the entire game to feel more scary and tense in VR.

In particular, all cutscenes exist in their original format. In other words, the perspectives of the third person and the first person change slightly during play. Given the era of the original game and the transition to first-person perspective, many of the world’s textures have also been revamped.

The port will be exclusive to Oculus Quest 2 later this year, but no specific release date has yet been announced.

With the first three biohazard games completely remade in recent years, fans have long expected Capcom to announce a complete non-VR remake of Resident Evil 4. Although not officially announced yet, Resident Evil Village will be released shortly. -And the developers say that the next series of articles is heavily influenced by RE4.

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