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New Orleans Pelican will be shorthand with Utah Jazz at home tonight. That is, the odds are piled up against them.

Pelican had no luck this season and lost first Zion Williamson Add Brandon Ingram and Jonas Valančinas to what looks like an injury during the season.

Both Ingram and Valantunas are allegedly suspicious tonight, so it’s possible that Pers will regain the two starters, but without them, they’ll compete against one of the best teams in the NBA this season, Utah Jazz. There is little chance to do it.

This kicks off 3 game home stand It will test Pelican as it will challenge jazz tomorrow before winning the Warriors on Sands and Thursday.

of course, Ingram injury Pelicans came in when they were playing the best basketball of the season, further solidifying the idea that the team was cursed.

However, the game will continue and Pelicans will fill their hands against Utah Jazz with or without Ingram.

New Orleans Pelican vs Utah Jazz: Odds, Spreads, Over / Under

According to WynnBETThe book clearly thinks Ingram isn’t playing or is willing to play, as New Orleans Pelican is 11 points vulnerable to jazz at home.

It doesn’t have a money line yet, but Utah Jazz has an explosive attack and should thrive against short-handed pelicans, so the over / under is set to a whopping 228.5.

It is difficult to recommend a bet without knowing the status of Ingram. If he is playing, I will score points.Pers is playing hard in every game and never gives up, this is Not the same team If they are late early, it just lays down.

Pelicans often play in front of crowds of noisy homes, and I like to keep this close if they play Ingram. Otherwise, all bets will be void.

Jazz averages 116 points per game to lead the NBA, while Pers is in 25th place, scoring only 105 per game. To exceed the total average by 7 points, you will need a fairly large offensive explosion, so you will get under and points.

Pelican vs Jazz: The Best Fantasy Bet

If Jonas Valanciunas doesn’t play, expect Rudy Gobert to spend a big night.

Ingram has some of the biggest games in his career with Utah, but I don’t even know if he will play. If he plays, it may take a game or two to shake off the rust. Away from him.

Pelicans have to play Rudy Gay at 5 o’clock, so they need to be smaller for jazz, which can struggle with a small ball lineup. For this reason, he is probably your best fantasy bet for Pelican, as Josh Hart expects to spend a big night on the board.

If you want to take the risk, Jackson Hayes has quit one of his best games as a pro, so you can run well, especially if you don’t have a Valentunas.

How to see

Pelican vs. Jazz ends at 7pm CST and can be watched at Barry Sports in New Orleans or listened to at ESPN 100.3 FM.

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Odds, best fantasy bets, and perspectives Odds, best fantasy bets, and perspectives

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