Oddworld: New’n’Tasty Review (Switch)

What a difficult game to review! Yes, yes, you are thinking.It must be Very tough To review the reputable remakes of the classics you love.But hey, that is, Because Oddworld: New’n’Tasty It’s hard to cool your head when approaching it because you make so many mistakes and in many ways it’s so verbose.

I mean; there was no reason to remake the original 1997 Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey.. When New’n’Tasty was first released (half a century 2014), its source material was widely available on PlayStation 3 and Steam. And that’s not yet. But no, people wanted Abe’s actions to get some spit shine, so “fix” everything that isn’t broken and significantly remove the accuracy, mood, and generality of the game New’ Appeal that n’Tasty will appear.

So is that bad? Do I need to chase and lower my score? No no no no. New’n’Tasty doesn’t deserve it. It’s fun to play and here are the basic elements that make Abe’s Odyssey very good.Some of the quality of life improvements are smart, and most importantly Abe’s Exoddus’ Valuable “Allo’ya” command. This allows Gamespeak to work with multiple Mudokons at once. This means you don’t have to struggle to move back and forth one at a time.

Gamespeak? what’s that? Oops, we went ahead of ourselves. I think we should explain what Abe’s Odyssey is. wasBut frankly, if you don’t know, you’re already shameful to know you.Original-like movie platformer Prince of PersiaThe game was played in a flip screen world with a pre-rendered background environment, focusing on timing-critical actions, tense stealth, and light puzzle solving. The widely advertised is to have Gamespeak function, Prime Minister Abe can use the basic commands, such as “Hello” and “follow-me”, I was able to command the slave labor fellow. Simple, yes, but also fresh, exciting and organic. The single-screen configurations were dated even in 1997, but they provide action brilliantly, with each new area in mind. It helped it was (and still is) gorgeous.

And New’n’Tasty is also gorgeous. It looks great in some places and the fidelity is very impressive even in handheld mode. Unfortunately, the same is not true for many other aspects of the game when compared to Oddysee. Adding full-scrolling gameplay to your experience may seem easy, but without adapting level design, your game design will feel significantly less.

In the original, you will encounter sleeping enemies who need to sneak past. The transition between screens was exactly that – Migration, And it will give you a pause. You will think, waitI don’t know what’s coming next. Sneak into the screen in case there is a slig in the Land of Nod. You don’t know what’s going on here, so you could run into a situation where you’re not even a little ready. Due to the split screen, each space became independent. It made you think about what you faced as a player. Here, everything is confused by this simple change. Some level designs have been modified to illustrate this. Other than that, there are not so many.

There is also an animation-Abe seems to be much lighter and lame here. The original weight and energy are gone. It’s not that absorbent-you’re no longer at the mercy of a hostile world, you’re just playing a game. Added more engaging and meaningless conversations. Due to the changing feel of the game, some sections have become ridiculously trivial and others have become much more difficult. A quick save feature has been added, but when finished, the last checkpoint is loaded instead of the last save. Abe’s Exoddus understood that part correctly in 1998.

However, if you compare this remake consistently with its inspiration, focusing on the details can be negative all day long. As a game, New’n’Tasty is good. In fact, it’s better than good. It’s still a lot of fun, and if you’re new to the original Abe Odyssey, you’ll be impressed. The level design is still good, there’s still an atmosphere here (much less), the controls are smooth enough, and multiple difficulty levels level wise concessions-this game isn’t too difficult So, frankly, only the most difficult modes are really worth playing in the first place.

I’m glad that Abe’s Odyssey was good, but that’s the only reason. And that may seem trivial, but in reality, why remake the game just to get rid of this precision and mood? What is the point in the end? Great porting of Oddysee and Exoddus is much more desirable, and their “limitations” are rarely registered today in a world where even more “primitive” indie titles are truly accepted.Abe’s Odyssey isn’t old, and this is Less A good version of it. But it’s a not-so-good version of a great game, and it looks and runs great, so it’s still a lot of fun. However… why?


We recognize that it is not a popular outlook. Games generally need to evaluate something rather than blow up what isn’t, but in this case it’s very difficult to do. New’n’Tasty is an acceptable imitation of Abe’s Odise, but nothing more. There is a moment of inspiration. The stockyard stage is so beautifully realized that it is a momentary trigger that “this remembers the original look”. False Memory-But it is not enough to compensate for the frustration that results from many unnecessary changes. Even the sound of Abe’s chanting, which once sounded mysterious and different world, now sounds like a murmuring. We are very torn. We reluctantly recommend it as this is the only way to play Abe’s Oddysee on Switch. But we do so with our arms crossed and pouted. Haranfu.

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