Ode to the “Randomize” button •

Google I feel lucky Buttons have nothing to do with luck. It actually shows you the first search results, it’s something that took me an embarrassingly long time to understand. For example, I always thought that pressing IFL on “dog” would randomly extract dog-related web pages from the entire Internet. It’s pretty stupid. But that’s a compelling idea, isn’t it?

random It’s a dirty word these days.For older people in later years, it scatters sparks’ Nam flashbacks of pale teens, their hair hardened with neon dyes, blurring nouns waffle And Narwhal To show their irreverent wisdom. Set those children aside for a while. Instead, consider the best jewels on your character creation screen. Randomization button.

I love the word “randomization”. It sounds like Jean-Luc Picard barking at the moment of stress. It’s very high tech and very powerful. Hit the randomizer and see something that has never been witnessed by the human eye. Because it’s a fun concept in nature video game,Also. Oli Welsh lyrically talks about the power of randomization in the Champions Online preview, calling the game “an inexhaustible factory for charismatic superhumans.” Just tweaking the character’s eyebrow density is enough, so throwing a random jumble of parts and power in the style of Project Runway has a similar thrill. “Make it work!”

The LBP had a particularly good randomizer button. Also randomized or randomized? Forget the technically correct answer: Z is always too hard to resist.

Most of us have randomized buttons that are close to our hearts. I’m in The Sims 3. I spent a long childhood summer hovering over my sister’s shoulders. I enjoyed the refreshing dice roll sound effects she made and the smooth-skinned suburban avatars with random personalities to match random faces. Couch potato. Mean. I hate the outdoors. We call this terrible person “Willow” and drown her in the pool.

It cannot be truly random on the computer alone. They need something external-like that company in San Francisco that produces encrypted code by monitoring the walls of lava lamps. I don’t think there’s a camera somewhere that looks at the decay of atoms and decides whether to bow tie the sim, but it’s still a peculiar joy to have something of your own. .. Encounter the rambling mountains of Minecraft and enjoy the knowledge that happy mathematical accidents do, but don’t have to. This is not a design.this is Serendipity.

Everything we see online is cultivated primarily by algorithms. These bots know how to get your attention, but they don’t have the notion of hard-to-measure elements like fulfillment or novelty. They choose 1 hour of repetitive trash over 10 minutes of sublime genius.What i want Randomize. A button that signals a complex rig in southern Mexico, captures the flapping of a monarch butterfly, translates its movements into a code, uses that code to select a specific web address, and sends me that address. Click.

The resulting content may be strange or boring. It is likely to be obscene. But what a hell! I think I’m lucky.

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