Office Easter Eggs Found in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of references to nodding, science fiction and video games, but there are more. A sharp-eyed player found The Office (US) Easter eggs on the streets of Night City.

The post-mission conversation in an RPG game posted on Reddit by u / Racketygecko is basically a memorable gag beat-by-beat redo from Office. It comes after the side quest “Big In Japan” where V has to pick up the luggage from the dock and take it home. Of course, this is not a normal payload. Of course, since they turned out to be humans, they need to stay alive when they are disassembled and returned to Dennis, who is eagerly waiting for the arrival of world-class brain surgeon Haruyoshi. ..

As I hang out asking why I had to save him, his description includes an Easter egg. Haruyoshi tells us that he accidentally killed the Tiger Claw boss on the operating table and then came to the United States. It wasn’t a coincidence, as the best surgeons in the world make no mistakes. Aside from a few minor changes, this whole bit is an episode of the Season 6 office, including Craig Robinson’s Darryl Philbin and Hidetoshi Nagakawa of Hidetoshi Imura on which Dennis and Haruyoshi are based, respectively. It’s from “Happy Hour”.

Here are two clips that play one after another:

r / cyberpunk “The Office” reference from cyberpunk game

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