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Office party goes online

The pandemic has changed permanently How we live, work and shop. But as the holiday season approaches, remote workers are asked another question. How does this handle a traditional office Christmas party?

do not be afraid. White Elephant Online, a technology startup based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has created an online platform where you can play traditional gift exchange games, known by names such as Yankee Swap, White Elephant, and Dirty Santa. For beginners, players bring unwrapped unmarked gifts to the party and draw numbers on arrival. Then select and unpack the gifts in this order, but it’s best to go last, as each subsequent person can exchange for a previously opened gift.

Personally, it’s easy, but when the player is offsite, the game causes transportation and logistics issues. However, according to White Elephant Online, the company’s products provide the tools needed to host virtual versions of the game. According to the company, the platform will allow one participant to perform a gift exchange, automatically assign a number, and allow players to effectively unpack and “steal” gifts (” Players “send” gifts online in advance by providing a link to the item). Photos of e-tail websites or items they already have). When the game is complete, the platform will offer several options for gift distribution.

And if you’re not sure which item your virtual player chooses most often, White Elephant Online has put together a list of the 10 most popular gifts. They are Yeti Rambler, Echo Dot, Burrito Blanket, Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Exploding Kittens Games, Karaoke Mic, Wine Opener, Oil Diffuser, Mini Waffle Maker, and Squatty Potty.

Office party goes online Office party goes online

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