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The Drone Racing League Simulator, the official game of the Drone Racing League (DRL), the world’s number one drone racing property, is now available on PlayStation 4. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying an FPV (First Person View), DRL SIM is the best way to acquire drone skills that need to soar while experiencing the most immersive extracorporeal sensations that only FPV drones can offer. The fastest, easiest and most cost effective method.

DRL drone and simulation engineers built simulators using real drone components, physics, and aerodynamics. This allows players to fly, build and race just like a real drone (IRL). The best pilots in the world fly on DRL and train, compete and win professional contracts on DRL SIM. It can be found on NBC, Twitter, Facebook and other premier sports networks around the world.

And now you can! Download DRL SIM now to learn these drone skills.

Learn to fly

DRL SIM has 54 training missions needed to master skills such as hovering, pitching and yawing, and learn how to navigate your drone without crashing or destroying it.

Each mission only takes a few minutes and you can fly around the training as you like, but be prepared. As you progress, the challenges become more difficult.

Get real-time feedback to help you improve. After completing the tutorial, you will be able to fly the high speed FPV drone IRL smoothly. As the DRL pilot knows, low speed is smooth and smooth is fast.

Design a supercharged drone

With the game’s interactive workbench, you can choose from real DRL drones piloted by the best pilots in the world, drone size, weight, thrust, strut color and more.

Choose from thousands of motors, batteries and props licensed from leading drone makers to control air flow, set maximum speeds and control launch-to-flight acceleration. In addition, you can unlock over 50 spectacular drone skins to cover your quad with a smooth canopy.

Publish your own drone and share it with other players in the DRL SIM community, or keep it private and occupy the quad yourself.

Race like a pro

Compete like a DRL Pro in real-time multiplayer mode and make friends with more than 20 unique maps, including 18 replicas of the actual DRL course seen on television, such as the French Arianz Riviera in the sports and entertainment arena. Fight competitors, US Air Force Boneyard Map at a deserted airport, Hard Rock Stadium, home of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Navigate non-stop obstacles such as diamond-shaped gates, tight corners, and real-world forces such as gravity and eddy. Monitor performance with an advanced replay system and compare time with players and pros on the leaderboard. Then use your new drone skills to spin offline and feel what it’s like to fly like a bird flying around the world from a drone’s perspective.

The official Drone Racing League Simulator launches today

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