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If you have all the latest information on the Xbox, you may have seen some interesting (and very nice) artwork on Halo’s official Instagram page. Mario and Hello’s crossover fan art was originally posted via the Community Highlights blog by 343 employees “Snickerdoodle”. The Halo Instagram account thought it would be further highlighted and featured on a social media site focused on the most popular photos these days. Mario and Co.’s portrayals aren’t just great, they again question possible events in the gaming world, especially those who want the Master Chief to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Another interesting Xbox / Nintendo Switch point that was recently raised was around Phil Spencer on the Xbox. He didn’t hesitate to publicly praise Nintendo in the past, and recent online video viewers pointed out a hybrid console that proudly sits on his shelf unit at home.

In the past, Phil Spencer has shelved items that suggest future releases. We also announced the Xbox Series S before Microsoft fully released it. That’s why it’s interesting to see Switch among other products. It’s also worth noting that fans have pointed out that consoles have just arrived. Not seen on shelves or in previous video shots.

Finally, a known Reddit leaker said there should be news about a future collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo that will be shared later this year.We actually will Hearing something is clearly controversial and should be treated as a rumor until you hear the official thing.

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Official Halo Instagram account shares Mario & Halo crossover artwork

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