Official trailer dropped before next week’s digital release

Alec snap thriller next week Go / do not go Released on digital and cable VOD platforms. Picked up by Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures, Red Arrow Studios companies. Go / do not go Next Tuesday on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Direct TV, Dish Network, and all major cable providers.

The official trailer was released yesterday. As mentioned earlier, everything presents a great visual experience. For the sake of clarity, the citations displayed in the Screen Anarchy trailer are from articles related to news and press releases.Never seen Go / do not go yet. I’m glad it was acknowledged, but we just wanted to clarify our position in the film.

Written and directed by the first filmmaker, Alec Snap and “Go / Don’t Go” will be released on January 12, 2021 on digital and cable VOD platforms. Thriller Stars Alec Snap, Olivia Luccardi, Noah Davis, Betina Sky, Tom Essig, and Zoey Wagner.

After an unknown cataclysm, Adam (Alec Snap) is alone. The only inhabitant of the vacant, unchanging world, or so he thinks. A vision comes to him while he remains in the desolate landscape. K (Olivia Luccardi), the night of fate where his best friend Kyle (Noah Davis) introduces his love for life.

When Adam’s state of mind began to unravel, he was plagued by protracted questions and uncertain realities about his world. His grip on what is left begins to be lost, sending him spiraling towards a series of unexpected results and unexpected truths.

Go / Don’t Go is an apocalyptic psychological thriller that goes back and forth between forgotten love stories and inevitable delusions.

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Official trailer dropped before next week’s digital release

https://screenanarchy.com/2021/01/godont-go-official-trailer-digital-release.html Official trailer dropped before next week’s digital release

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