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OG Motorola Razr is almost incredibly cheap after this latest discount

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You may not remember this now (and something will tell us Motorola Badly want you to forget about it all), but the first modernized version of the classic Razr was initially priced at a whopping $ 1,500.

It was just too much to ask for a foldable smartphone that was clearly experimental and painfully unpolished. Not to mention a smartphone with a half-baked Snapdragon 710 processor and a small 2,510mAh battery. More than anything, 2019-announcement And 2020-Released Motorola Razr Taking Android Pie out of the box and making its exclusive commercial debut at Verizon failed to provide OGSamsung with a meaningful competition. Galaxy Fold From the perspective of distribution in the United States.
Folding designs aren’t quite mature (or particularly robust) yet, but this fledgling segment of the mobile industry has undoubtedly come a long way in a relatively short time frame. So you’ll never be shocked to see a 4G LTE-only Razr get just $ 480 without the need for device trade-in or number port-in.
This is a staggering $ 1,020 over the original price of this terribly flawed but strangely attractive cell phone, and the excellent $ 520 has been significantly reduced from its current list price. Motorola Razr (2019) The largest wireless service provider in the country.
Not surprisingly, you have to meet one important requirement to get that hot new discount, but don’t worry. In reality, you don’t have to jump over too many hoops. All you need is a new service line with an unlimited plan. Boom, Big Red, will apply $ 519.99 as billing credit to your account over a 24-month or 30-month period.
Both full purchases at a full $ 999.99 retail price and device payment plans are eligible for this killer deal, Verizon No one has been upgraded Razr 5G The model, this certainly feels like a clearance offer designed to make space for something else.
It’s certainly not perfect (to put it mildly), but it employs the very popular Razr pair. 6.2.-Inch main foldable display with a very nice 2.7 inch second external screen.By comparison, it costs a lot Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Only the 1.1-inch cover display is towed.

Unfortunately, I can’t really admire Razr’s other specs and features, but the combination of 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage space isn’t bad … $ 480. Oh, and the brush gold color is pretty swanky. Or, of course, you can opt for the understated Noir Black version.

OG Motorola Razr is almost incredibly cheap after this latest discount OG Motorola Razr is almost incredibly cheap after this latest discount

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