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Japan’s 130-pound Kenichi Ogawa’s IBF coronation warmed the hearts of all our lovers. Ogawa (26-1-1-1NC, 18 KO), 33, has a career in roller coasting and has four years of patience caused by his unfortunate confiscation of an IBF belt that was once acquired but later stripped. Was shown. In December 2017, a Japanese hard punch Japanese who was a former Nippon Kempo specialist at Meiji University temporarily acquired a vacant IBF Junior Feather Belt by edging Tevin Farmer with a decision to split the hairline. (116-112, 115-113, 112-116) In Las Vegas. However, Ogawa was positive for Androstanedior, and Teiken Promotion strongly and permanently denied the forbidden drug intake by submitting a lot of evidence, but in vain. Four months later, in April 2018, the Nevada Athletic Commission returned it to an invalid match, and the IBF eventually rejected Ogawa’s belt and declared it vacant again. Sadly, Kenichi was fined 20% of his wallet and was suspended by NSAC for six months. The Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) followed this ruling and suspended him for a year after Farmer’s match.

Ogawa’s JBC suspension ended on December 10, 2018. Patient Kenichi continued to win to maintain his high global reputation, although he was scheduled to face IBF # 1 Shakhkat Rakimov on August 20, this year for an empty belt in the Dubai UAE. Just nine days earlier, Rakimov’s injury pitifully canceled the match in Dubai. Then, on November 27, after many years of treatment with Rakimov, Ogawa was scheduled to face South Africa’s IBF # 2 Azinga Fuzile at the MSG instead.

Durable Ogawa (currently 33 years old) waited for the opportunity to win the IBF Championship for four years after the Farmer’s match (which became an invalid match), and unanimously won the belt by forming the floor three times. bottom. Ogawa, who won the new championship, exclaimed, “I will show my strength anywhere in the world.”

All Japanese sports newspapers featured his impressive coronation on Monday. Sports Hochi, one of the leading sports papers here, highlighted his victory at Madison Square Garden on the front page. Congratulations to Mr. Ogawa!

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Ogawa’s coronation warms the heart of Japan Ogawa’s coronation warms the heart of Japan

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