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Ogier lost the lead of the event on the penultimate stage, and the Yaris WRC’s left front tire punctured, spending most of the 35-second loss time.

It promoted Hyundai’s Ott Tänak second Handed the initiative to Elfyn Evans, Ogier’s Toyota teammateThe run from Sharancon to Gumianne alone held a buffer of 20.4 seconds.

However, seven-time champion Ogier completed the test 16 seconds earlier than Evans with a sensational display illuminating the timing board, reducing the deficit to 7.4 seconds in the process.

The French were asked what his approach would be on the third day and said, “I came here to win this rally. I will do everything to make it happen. Punk is pretty unlucky. I think I couldn’t do anything about it, but the conditions were very tricky, it was raining a lot and I had to keep puncturing.

“I was really pushing [in SS7] Because I was really angry with punk. This is Monte, so anything is possible. I’m here to win this rally, so I’m going to win.

“I’m always ready to take a little more risk here to win this rally. I really want to win this rally. So far, I’m running at a great pace this weekend. Get rid of braking problems and punctures from yesterday, and we were able to be on a comfortable lead, but that’s not the case, which means we have to keep pushing. “

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The rally is on track and has produced four different leaders so far, so Ogier claimed he would not be involved in the mind game with Evans, who won the drivers’ title last season.

“You don’t need a mind game,” Ogier added. “I just drive fast-that’s our way [win rallies].. I think they respect each other and enjoy fighting together on stage.And there is no story about leaderboards [team orders] For the fight. “

Evans felt that Ogier’s punk was “sorry” and his teammates produced a powerful series of drives all day long. By comparison, Evans explained that he was not happy with his performance and had a hard time finding confidence in the more extreme conditions on the track.

“not really [pleased with my performance today] To be completely honest, “Evans said. “Ceb had a great day. It’s a shame he picked up a punk, but without it I think the story would look a little different.

“From my side, I know where the time is heading. The split time matches where I’m struggling. It’s just that time. [the conditions] It makes me more extreme and more slippery that I’m struggling for that last little sensation. I’m not confident that I need to push in that area, but I hope to make some changes and get better in that situation tomorrow.

“I’m sure he took a bit of a risk to get to that point. I didn’t take much time enough, and we also have a small advantage to running first on the road. I know, but fairly it’s not 16 seconds.

“Maybe one, two or three, he was driving very well today and it was hard to catch up. But we still have work to do tomorrow and in our hands I’m in a big fight. “

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Ogier is ready to “take more risk” to win the Monte Carlo Rally Ogier is ready to “take more risk” to win the Monte Carlo Rally

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