Oh no, it’s time to start preparing for something other than E32022

E3 is exhausted and I think it’s the same for fans and for us who have to overcome it. But hey, video game hype can carry us all a lot. Geoff Keighley has confirmed that Summer Game Fest 2022 is underway, so stay tuned as there are already specific plans for events adjacent to E3 in the air.

“We’re working on the Game Awards and we’re excited to share that the Summer Game Fest is back in the summer of 2022. Stay tuned for more details!” Keighley said in a tweet. .. The Summer Game Fest focused on a collection of various events in 2021 that spanned about two months, centered around the June kick-off live show. For the announcement there, Reveal the wonderland of little Tina And that Elden Ring Trailer..

But for now, Keighley’s attention is at The Game Awards, Will run on December 9th. Award candidate Announced, and Teaser Because big announcements are starting to come in.

Everyone, get ready. The year of delay seems to be rewarded in 2022.

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