Old School Rune Scape is coming to Steam in February

The nostalgic MMORPG spin-off, Old School RuneScape, is coming to Steam on February 24th. Is it okay to call it a game that continues to grow and expand nostalgic? Probably not.

RuneScape, like the successful MMORPGs, changed a lot during its lifetime, and many players missed its early days. Developer Jagex satisfied these players with the release of Old School RuneScape in 2013, and has been adding and expanding with RuneScape ever since.

Last year, Old School RuneScape broke the record for simultaneous players, bringing more than 157,000 players online at one time. This is mainly due to the league. In short-term competition events, players need to create new characters to compete in specific challenges.

It’s impressive that the 2013 game (based on the 2007 game) remains so popular, but it’s partly the result of old-fashioned graphics. RuneScape was once loved by school kids around the world because it was one of the few games that could be sneaked on a library computer. Old School RuneScape now runs the same on almost everything, including old rusty smartphones.

RuneScape itself (New School RuneScape?) Was released on Steam last year and has a decent audience. It will be interesting to see how old schools are compared.

Jagex was in the news last week when it was repurchased by a private-equity fund, while another company was challenging the sale in court.

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