Older subclasses of Destiny 2 may eventually be upgraded like Stasis

Destiny 2Latest extension of Beyond the lightIntroduced Stasis. This powerset is the first of three planned darkness classes to compete with existing light classes (Arc, Solar and Void). However, the old class feels a bit out of date compared to Stasis and its completely new modular customization system. According to Bungie, the studio wants to introduce this new customization system to an older subclass. It is not clear when that will happen.

“We want to have only one central system for supermarkets.” Fate 2 Game director Luke Smith told Polygon. However, there are no planned release dates for the updated Arc, Solar, and Void Supers as Bungie has begun adding new content, seasonal delays, and eventually new Darkness powers and improvements to Stasis in the fourth year. But “on a long enough timeline”, that’s Smith’s passion.

“I can completely imagine [it] “At Luke Fantasyland,” Smith said. “As you know, it sounds great because all the supermarkets use the same system. But the supermarkets in the game are also an edited list. That’s more than we have today. It will be edited for the identity of. ”

Smith explained: [Hunter, Warlock, and Titan] It’s a kind of homogeneity. He then said that revisiting these classes of supersystems could give them the opportunity to hone them.

Bungee increased 6 original classes to 9 in Taken King and gave Warlock and Titans a roaming super
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beforeThe robbed king In the era of fate, Smith said, Bungy created a great balance between each class. At the time, the Titans had a powerful bubble (aka Ward of Dawn) that prevented damage and buffed party members, but couldn’t move them completely. Titan also had a Fists of Havoc that could perform a single slam damage to shut down a group of enemies. Titan didn’t have a roaming supermarket like it does today. There you can run around the map and confuse people for about 30 seconds.It was unlocked first The robbed king.. Bubble’s immovable battle arena and Fist of Havoc’s “Oyaoya” button gave Titan a unique identity, like Warlock’s self-recovery ability and Hunter’s mobile supermarket.

Because the class has won new supermarkets over the years — The robbed king, Abandoned,and Beyond the light — There is little reason to bring multiple different classes into a raid or nightfall. So if Bungie rebuilds an old super with a highly customizable Stasis system, Smith wants to use that framework to reduce class bloat and hone the identity of each ability set.

He said it can be easy to hone your identity.

“It’s much easier to look at NovaBomb and say that NovaBomb is like defining an IP,” Smith said. “This is the IP-defining super. Remove NovaWarp.” But in this case, Smith talks about the classic Warlock ability Nova Bomb and compares it to the mediocre PvP-only super Nova Warp. I will. Cutting Nova Warp can hurt some fans, but it’s generally pretty safe. I like Nova Bomb better than Nova Warp. However, for other subclasses, the decision is not so easy.

Titan Behemoth Subclass Attack

Curiously, the Titan and Warlock Stasis classes, like Taken King, roam super.
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“There are two really different fantasies in Solar Warlock that don’t work together at all,” Smith said. Solar Warlocks can now drop Well of Radiance at their feet. This will heal allies and buff damage. But another tree in Solar Warlock allows the class to fly the sky by letting the Holy Sword of Fire ignite hell. Same subclass, different tree, very different use cases. And unlike Nova Warp vs. Nova Bomb, both have identities that are worth preserving. In order to move Solar Warlock to a modular stasis system, bungee will have to choose one of these playstyles to adjust the identity of the subclass, which could alienate those who like the bench play style. ..

Consolidating that identity will obviously be a challenge for Bungie — if that happens. However, Smith seemed excited about “class jealousy.” The idea that you might look at your hunters and be jealous of not being able to use the Golden Gun for your boss is the same as seeing Titans who want them to be able to use the Ward of Dawn.

That’s Smith’s goal, to give players a reason to play each class and to give hunters, Titans, and Warlocks a special feeling in playing the class of their choice. But to do that, Bungie needs to enhance a wide variety of subclasses of the game. This may not happen in the next few years.

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