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After hours of deliberation on Monday, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be in the dugout next time. Manchester United Challenge Tottenham on Saturday. The pressure on the Solskger almost reached its limit after losing 5-0. Liverpool It’s Sunday, but Norwegians are stalling-at least for now.

Solskger whose club split in turn at Manchester United
Source: United players who have lost confidence in Solskger

His future as United coach is in the air, and it is arguable that he will be able to survive his next defeat at the Spurs in the next week before the November break.

Solskugers already out of the Carabao Cup have been around for at least a week Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. After terrible results, United lost five of the last nine games. The 48-year-old Solskger has a problem to solve if he wants to show that he can turn things around in Old Trafford.

Find a clean sheet from somewhere

United can’t maintain a clean seat, so there’s nothing easy for a Solskger at this time. Each of their last three victories-against West Ham Villarreal When Atalanta -The winner of the game came after 80 minutes, at least after the goal was down. United’s clean sheet record stands alone in the last 21 games, yet the match against the wolf in August was a coincidence. They haven’t kept clean seats in Old Trafford since March 14th.

Whatever the other issues need to be addressed, Solskger needs to make sure his team is organized and compact against Tottenham. Spurs aren’t doing well either Harry Kane And Heung Min son, They have two outstanding Premier League forwards and will imagine a chance to break the defense, which has scored 11 goals in the last three games.

Solskger is desperate to win, but it’s important that he doesn’t lose. If the Spurs stop scoring, United will return with at least one point. If you lose, the case of Solskger staying in his post will collapse. United would want to reach an international break without further crisis negotiations, but Solskger must first stop corruption behind.

Big players perform poorly and make big decisions

Players must take some responsibility for all questions regarding Solskger’s ability as a manager. Luke Shaw When Harry Maguire Both have been criticized for their performance against Leicester and Liverpool and how they do it. Aaron Wan Bisaka It was embarrassing to chase (or didn’t) follow Liverpool’s opening round on Sunday.

One of the criticisms of Solskger from both fans and within the team is that he doesn’t trust the fringe player enough to confidently drop a star, but Shaw, Magwire and Wanbisaka have them. Does not start against Tottenham.

Jesse Lingard It worked fine when he came, but started only once this season, and even then opposed West Ham in the Carabao Cup. Edinson Cavani When Donny van de Beek The other two are dissatisfied with the lack of opportunity.Sources told ESPN: Eric Bailly Instead of choosing a perfectly fitted Cote d’Ivoire, Solskger remained furious after deciding to start Magwire (still suffering from a calf injury) against Leicester.

Style changes that didn’t work

Many of United’s most notable results under Solskger have been brought about by using pace in counterattacks, especially against large teams, but this season there have been noticeable changes and humiliation. Emphasized by defeat Leicester city And Liverpool. Solskger wanted to put more effort into the game rather than waiting for the team to sit down and jump, but the plan was brutally exposed by Brendan Rodgers and Jurgen Klopp.

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Even when they aren’t playing well, Tottenham has good enough players to play through a chaotic system, and Solskger has another chaotic performance after what happens to Liverpool. I can’t afford it. Control is the key. That may mean setting up deep and trying to inhale the Spurs.

Solskjaer is in a very vulnerable position, so the style is in the aftermath. What is important now is the result for Tottenham.



Steve Nicol is discussing whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be fired after Manchester United lose to Liverpool 5-0.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best goal scorer on United’s team-he has scored 6 goals in 9 games since his return-but his game is limited.He wasn’t going to start pushing centre-backs at the age of 36, and in his defense, Solskger knew exactly what he was getting when the club agreed to the deal. Juventus.. He didn’t press Serie A either.

He may not be in the modern center forward style, but he remains one of the best strikers in the world. Solskjaer needs to find a way to deliver the ball to him more often in the penalty area.United has since looked more dangerous Marcus Rashford Returning to the team, the attack blueprint needs to be more sophisticated than hitting a long ball into the channel for him to chase.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s serious problem at Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s serious problem at Manchester United

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