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I think this is a good buying opportunity at the current level.

Knowledge and education is a huge and booming industry. See IDPEDUCATION LIMITED (IEL), an ASX listed company with a current market capitalization of approximately A $ 4.5 billion.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is also very popular at this time due to its inherently high ability to scale at minimal additional cost.


What happens if you combine the two? I don’t know, but I hope it will be higher than the market capitalization currently allocated.


Education in Australia is highly valued. But what if we open this market to a larger audience? Especially in this era, which means that modern technology makes virtually no difference between learning at home and learning directly. And people don’t just go to college and build a career. It’s a lifelong learning experience where people continually refresh their studies.

In addition, the company is also considering learning analytics, according to a recent investor webinar (records available online). Use artificial intelligence to improve the facilitation process and improve the efficiency of the evaluation process and more.

They also say they have set up a company for years and are ready to scale up without any additional investment. Possibility of an inflection point expected to be a break-even point for cash flow at the end of 2020.

The quality of the OpenLearning course itself is superior to other competitors. This is self-evident after students take the course due to the high quality of partnerships with relevant educational institutions (Tier 1 Australian universities, governments, etc.).

In conclusion, in other words:

“Command position as the number one provider to institutions [including government and universities] It is one of the top education markets in the world. “

Not bad for a microcap strain.

OLL-OpenLearning Limited | Australian Equity Forum OLL-OpenLearning Limited | Australian Equity Forum

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