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Omicron Variant: The United States is working to strengthen the testing requirements of travelers

The Biden administration is working to strengthen testing requirements for international travelers to the United States, including both vaccinated and unvaccinated, in a new epidemic. Omicron variant of coronavirus..

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement Tuesday that it is working to require all air travelers to the United States to be tested for COVID-19 within a day before boarding the plane. Currently, fully vaccinated individuals can be presented with tests performed within 3 days of boarding.

“CDC is working on a change to the current global test order for travel. Omicron Variants; When the order is revised, the test timeline required for all international air travelers will be shortened one day before departure to the United States. ”

The exact inspection protocol was still finalized prior to President Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday’s plan for the country to control the COVID-19 pandemic in the winter, senior officials said.

“The CDC is evaluating ways to bring pre-departure testing closer to flight time and make overseas travel as safe as possible, including additional post-arrival testing and self-quarantine considerations,” said the CDC director. Dr. Rochelle Walensky said on Tuesday.

Officials who spoke anonymously to discuss the government’s plans prior to the announcement said the options under consideration included post-arrival testing requirements and even self-quarantine.

The CDC currently recommends post-arrival testing 3-5 days after landing in the United States and self-quarantine for unvaccinated travelers, but compliance is optional and low. It is being considered.

The move is before arrival, with the United States significantly reopening its borders to fully vaccinated foreign travelers on November 8, while fully vaccinated travelers request testing within a day. It takes place just a few weeks after the introduction of a two-stage test system that can increase the time to look for tests. Of unvaccinated boarding.

For new variants that have been confirmed in more than 20 countries but not yet confirmed in the United States, whether they are highly contagious, whether they make people more seriously ill, whether they can block the vaccine, etc. Much is unknown. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top expert in infectious diseases in the United States, will learn more about the Omicron strain in 2-4 weeks as scientists grow and test laboratory samples of the virus. I said I would.

In a statement Thursday, Biden said, “We propose a detailed strategy outlining how we will fight,” when trying to calm public concerns about the new variant. COVID This winter, instead of shutting down or blocking, more extensive vaccinations, boosters and tests were done. ”

“Unlike Trump, I don’t shock my allies,” said Biden, who was asked by reporters if he would consult with his allies about changes to travel rules, as former President Donald Trump surprised world leaders. Stated.

Omicron Variant: The United States is working to strengthen the testing requirements of travelers Omicron Variant: The United States is working to strengthen the testing requirements of travelers

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