On a hot night in the middle of central Texas, Kyle Larson retains momentum and wins the NASCAR All-Star Race. – Motorsports

Fort Worth, Texas-Kyle Larson has returned to the NASCAR All-Star Race and won again to win another $ 1 million.

Larson beat the hard-charged Brad Keselowski in the final 10-lap shootout in Texas on Sunday night. With a slippery 3-wide pass, he returned to the front and pushed Hendrick Motorsport to 10th overall with two consecutive victories. There are 7 digit prizes in the annual non-point race.

He defended the All-Star winner and defended Cup Champion Chase Elliott. Chase Elliott started the sixth and last segment on the front line, but didn’t stay there long. Larson pushed his teammates and went out in front of him until turn four. They were 3 wide after Keselowski pulled the line a little earlier and before Larson stayed on the last 8 laps.

There were no points on the line, but Larson went to Victory Lane for the third straight week.

Larson, who belonged to Chip Ganassi Racing when he won the 2019 All-Star Race, offered a six-month suspension after using a racial slur during a live stream of a virtual race during a pandemic. Meanwhile, I missed a big event last year. It almost sacrificed his career, but Hendrick gave him the opportunity to return to the Cup series this season.

Larson became the eighth driver to win the two All-Star races, second in the points where 10 races took place before the playoffs.

Elliott finished third with Joey Logano in fourth, ahead of Ryan Blaney and Alex Bowman.

Hendrick drivers Elliott, Byron and Larson have started the final segment 1-2-3. Elliott moved from 3rd to 1st in the 5th segment of 30 laps. This segment included the required four tire stops and a prize of $ 100,000 for the crew who made the fastest stop.

Byron won the fourth segment and had the lowest cumulative finish in the first four 15-lap segments. Kyle Larson, Ryan Blaney and Alex Bowman came forward in the first three segments.

Larson, who won the last two cup races, was in pole position with a random draw and was still standing in front of him at the end of the first segment. After randomly flipping the top 12 finishers on that first stage, Blaney moved from 12th to 1st and started the next 15 laps.

Blagny stayed in front of him after a wiggle as Rothschild Stain, one of the three drivers who advanced from the previous open qualifying race to the main event, came in contact from behind.

After the full-field inversion advanced to the third stage, Arick Almirola, who also participated in the qualifying race, advanced from the end to 1st place, but after being pushed up from 17th to 5th, Bowman took the lead. .. That 15 laps.

On a hot, deep night in central Texas, a driver emerged from a saloon door on a huge façade during a pre-race referral, and a car passed through the fence gate. While Sammy Hagar was showing off “I Can’t Drive 55” from the stand, the driver warmed up and ended with a green flag.

At the start of the race, the sun was still shining and the temperature was 106 degrees Fahrenheit and 97 degrees Celsius. Although there was a shaded area by the time the main event began, road surface temperatures were in the mid-140s in early open qualifying races.

Texas is the third different track in three years of All-Star racing. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in North Carolina, we moved from Charlotte, which hosted 34 of the first 35 All-Star races in Bristol last summer.

The All-Star race in Texas served as a see-off and full-circle finish for the old-fashioned NASCAR promoter Edigosage, the president of Texas Motor Speedway, who spent his last day at Speedway Motorsports.

Gossage, now 62, was considering resigning for at least two years. He has been by Speedway Motorsports founder Bruton Smith since the 1995 breakthrough two years before the first cup race on the track, including a major crash on the first turn of lap 1. Selected to oversee the 1,500 acre complex.

He was a young public relations director for Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1992, and one of his stunts literally lit Smith’s hair during a press conference promoting NASCAR’s first night all-star race. Sparks flew when Smith threw a giant light switch equipped by Gosage to highlight Charlotte Speedway’s new lighting system.

Thirty years after he thought he was heading for the unemployed line, Gosage went out on his own terms. He planned to spend Monday with his three grandchildren in the pool.

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On a hot night in the middle of central Texas, Kyle Larson retains momentum and wins the NASCAR All-Star Race. On a hot night in the middle of central Texas, Kyle Larson retains momentum and wins the NASCAR All-Star Race.

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