On-Gaku: Our Sound Review: Wild hand-drawn anime that took 7 years to make

There are scenes early in a standalone anime movie Ongaku: Our sound It symbolizes that silly underdog attitude. After inheriting a bass guitar from a stranger and picking up what he needs from a high school music room, Kenji and his friends Ota and Asakura return to his place for a jam out. After hitting the instrument for a while during the impressive 360-degree montage, the trio paused and was totally surprised at what they did now. “What happened now was very pleasant,” Kenji said in monotonous sincerity, and the other two agreed and nodded. Ongaku: Our sound It’s a story of a musician who can’t play music but still finds satisfaction in the act of creating. This is a dead-pan buddy comedy about amateur passion, created by the raw power of animator amateur passion.

Ongaku: Our soundIs a feature-length debut film directed by Kenji Iwaisawa, who mainly produced movies for seven years with an amateur team, based on the manga produced by Hiroyuki Ohashi. The final project is loud and proud of its bohemian DIY sensibility. The plot revolves around three high school ne’er-do-wells, Kenji, Ota, and Asakura, who decided to start the band on a whim with equal inspiration and boredom. As a result, they can be invited to the upcoming summer festival and hit the guitar and drums hard with the monastic concentration and repetition that post-rock bands expect, without knowing the song at all.

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Along the way, Heizink, who involved Aya, the only girl friend of the trio’s classmate, and Mohawk gang, a rival hooligan at the next school, are beginning to worry. But in reality Ongaku: Our soundThe execution time of is only a glimpse of these factors before returning to luxury with experimentalism and absurdity that manifest organically through teenage laziness. “When high school students think about starting a band, they tend to think of youthful stories that include friendship, love, and struggle,” Iwasawa said in an interview with Deadline. “But Ongaku I especially enjoyed the story because I didn’t have any of those obvious elements. It’s a non-apology-oriented atmosphere Capture the carefree whims of the movie, young and discover your bliss.

It’s a narratively understated yet eccentric premise, full of the same kind of eccentric Generation Z humor and energy as featured in the following anime sitcoms: Bevis and Butthead Or Dr. Katz, professional therapist.. Such comparisons are particularly appropriate in terms of cinematic art style, and simple yet striking character design One Punch Man And Mob Psycho 100 Animation of artist ONE and Swedish illustrator Magnus Carlsson. Probably the most popular of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” 1997 music videos.

Movie character design is essential for many OngakuThe eccentricity and humor of the movie, and most of the movie’s most memorable laughter, was locked into Kenji’s almost permanently expressionless face before Kenji provided almost all of the wilted hilarious punch lines flat. It starts with a long pose. Rotoscoping animations, hand-painted characters, and a unique hybrid of movies with painted backgrounds, OngakuDefinition habit.

Kenji jumps into the air for his big finale at Ongaku: Our Sound

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The film’s eccentricity is also due to its use of hybrid animation in the form of rotoscoping, along with more traditionally animated assets. The character’s relatively stiff design is rendered with attractive clumsiness and harmless fluidity. Watching these characters just sit and shoot shit is as entertaining as watching them hit an instrument or plunge into a chase scene across a wall.

Curiously, what stands out the most Ongaku: Our soundWell, sound design is almost always a comfortable and quiet movie, despite the story’s focus on rock’n’music and original songs composed by musicians such as Banset Mohiko, Grand Funk and Wataru Sawabe. .. The scene where Kenji and the company walk through their hometown is arguably some of the best of the movie, along with the hustle and bustle of human activity peeking around the audible area of ​​action on the screen. They draw the audience not only to the scene and place, but also to the unique and approximate sensory memory of adolescence.

Ongaku: Our sound Is a hilarious adolescent rock comedy with an irreverent sense of dry dead panduit. Dahlia Or Home movies.. If Iwasawa could do this on his own in seven years, the 40-year-old director has a bright future in front of him, and the anime world is fortunate to welcome him.

Ongaku: Our sound Now available for rental at Amazon, Vudu, And other digital rental services.

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