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In Düsseldorf, Tyson Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko, opening up a new era of heavyweight boxing. Read John Dennen’s original ringside report

Tyson Fury I made surreal things real. He stands in the center of the ring and gives Aerosmith’s number to the stadium, his wife, Lennox Lewis. The crowd joins to start the chorus. This is the new heavyweight champion in the world and he is doing things his way.

Fury did almost everything in his own way.It was obligatory after the procedure to start the fight was delayed Vladimir Klitschko To wait, Tyson looked out for the ring and shook his loose arms on both sides. Recognizing the crowd, he played with them, cursing across the ring canvas. If he wasn’t 6 feet 9, you would call him a barbarian. Experienced Klitschko intended the division’s elder politician to teach him lessons.Still he never got Fury Tyson maintained the cavalier attitude from the beginning to the last round of the battle.

It is almost unbelievable that Klitschko never settled in the fight with all his experience. In contrast, anger was carelessly relaxed. The crazy sparks he saw walking around, taunting Klitschko, proclaiming his own greatness, etc. at a press conference dressed as Batman were extinguished by the cold truth of stepping into the ring with the technical master. maybe. Instead, Fury weaves his own reality. Two days before the fight, Tyson claimed it was easy. It was never easy, but he made it look easier than it should be.

As early as the first round, Roy Jones Style (you wouldn’t have thought you read it in the text about Tyson Fury), he put his hand behind and dared to have Klitschko come for him. Did. Vladimir did not accept the invitation.

The champion could not understand the showboat monk in front of him. Vladimir was approaching, but he simply didn’t throw enough punches, even when he was within range. The main reason was Tyson’s constant movement. He lay down from side to side, he didn’t allow himself to be fixed. The punches he didn’t throw, his feints and jerky cramps did the most damage. They settled the Ukrainians in an uneasy rhythm. Klitschko was only able to hunt him down once in a while, but Vladimir didn’t get a chance to unleash the attack. He should have done it.

Tyson threw his fist more freely and stabbed hard to the left at the end of the combination. It hooked Klitschko’s head and Vladimir felt it heavy. However, the Ukrainian defense was solid. He kept his gloves high and defensive, quickly filling in the shots Fury threw at him. Tyson choked the first two rounds. Klitschko had to increase the tempo in the third round in an attempt to get out of the trance. He closed earlier and early signs of anxiety sneaked over him. In their pre-combat encounter, Tyson seemed more excited. Now the role has been reversed.

Wilmslow travelers changed their stance and chose the moment to do so. The fear was that this might open him to Klitschko’s heavy right cross. In fact, it proved yet another move that confused Ukrainian distance judgments in relation to Fury’s nasty reach and height. Vladimir came out early again in the fourth round and tried to land the left hook.But even the clinch that Klitschko often relied on, Fury wasn’t.
I was bullied. Tyson doesn’t have the same deeply carved physique, but he hangs strongly inside. He shot shortly after Vladimir. Vladimir retreated wisely to clarify.

Klitschko’s jab, a weapon learned by a great man, could not find Mark. Hesitating, suspicions pervaded him from there, destroying his remaining work. Rarely attacking the body, Vladimir fired a downstairs jab in the fifth round, trapping Tyson in a tight clinch. Klitschko generally wore gloves and kept his eyes clean, but he took a breath and sighed deeply. Before the half-hearted stage, this was already a struggle.

He kept the cross too modest, and Klitschko later admitted that he couldn’t set it in the jab. “I couldn’t find the right distance to land those shots. Tyson quickly responded to hand and body movements and head movements,” said Vladimir. “My right hand is supposed to land after my left, so I should have had a more right hand, but after my left hand, so if you don’t have the right distance, you can land the shot the way you want. I could not do it.”

Fury tried to consolidate him right above, but Klitschko’s cross finally grabbed Tyson’s chin. Unharmed, the Britons caught the left hook in the guard and then hooked it with a large right hook.

Many of the rounds were close and neither man landed much, but decisively Fury was throwing more punches. Scars of the battle began to appear on Klitschko’s face. Cutting under the left eye, the wound began to bleed more freely in the seventh round. Beyond the blood, his face seemed strangely tired. As his torturer grew into a match, he cut off. Before the battle, Vladimir told us he wasn’t a machine. He never looked, hurt, or broke anymore, but he was exhausted and moving forward, looking for a way.

Fury kept in touch with Klitschko and answered his shot with his own blow. In the ninth round, he hit a quality uppercut. Vladimir’s right counterattacked violently, but Fury shook it off and fought. Klitschko again put his weight on the back right, but it sailed high and wide. Before the end of the round, Tyson jumped after him and his lead hook scored.

In the tenth round, Fury roamed around him, hard to catch, and is now wild on his left hook. Their heads were knocked together and Klitschko was also cut on his right eyebrow. Tyson fell forward and bent over the hook. He sniffed blood, felt it was time to fight, and put Klitschko under that pressure.

A dramatic intervention from referee Tony Weeks in the 11th round saw him steal points from Fury for hitting the back of his head. It may have been important. Tyson attacked the 12th round and wiped out the left uppercut. Klitschko counterattacked, but only to contain him. When the bell rang to end it, Tyson first raised his fist to celebrate.

But his fate was in the hands of a Düsseldorf judge. “It was a very disturbing moment for me waiting for a decision,” he said. “I thought it would be much closer than before, so I’m never sure, but I was very happy when the results came out,” he said.

Cesar Ramos and Ramon Cerdan both scored Tyson Fury on 115-112 and Raul Caiz Snr 116-111. He claims the IBF, WBA, WBO heavyweight world titles and Klitschko’s position at the division summit.

“We had a mission of 27 years. Every time I turned left and right in my life, this moment came and I didn’t mean to slip it tonight,” he continued. “It’s not easy. I got the right to be here tonight because I’m 25 races, 3 world title eliminators. I wasn’t given anything for free. I have the right to wait in line and fight tonight. Had to win. All the hard work was rewarded with these belts to call themselves the world’s heavyweight champions and record themselves in the legend. “

The scale of his achievements must be acknowledged. It was one of the biggest upset wins in the sport and one of the best results for a British boxer away from home against number one in his category. It didn’t become a heavyweight firefight, but Fury and his team stopped tactical masterstrokes, proving that he had the courage and courage to get the job done.

“I believe everything is destined for life. God has a plan for everyone,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to be a heavyweight champion from the very first moment I put on my boxing gloves.

“From the beginning I aimed for a star, but nothing less than that was a failure. I hit a shooting star tonight. I became the world’s heavyweight champion and the first trip in history to win the world’s heavyweight champion. I became a person. “

Vladimir Klitschko is a magnificent champion. Undefeated for over a decade, he has won 19 consecutive world title battles and, in the course of his latest reign, has developed such a clever and technical approach, making the most of his dimension. .. Take care of all his major challengers, including David Haye, Alexander Povetkin and Kubrat Pulev. Throughout he acted with dignity and was able to do the same in defeat. “I congratulate him tonight. He won the battle,” Vladimir simply said.

However, their contract had a rematch clause, and Klitschko showed everything to call it, but it was premature for specific details. “We’ll see how cookies crumble,” he said. “We will solve it and let you know.”

“Defeat is a learning process,” he added. “I lost today. I lost the fight, but I haven’t lost the fighter. The fighter is still there. It’s always been.

“to be continued…”

This loss would have hurt him. He has returned from a catastrophic defeat before to regain the world title. He reinvented himself with Emanuel Steward to become a special champion. But that was a long time ago. He needs to overhaul himself again and he will be 40 next year. In the near future, we have inherited the heavyweight and fury era.

“God has given me victory and I want to defend these titles even more in the future. I would be very happy if I could be half the champion of Wladimir Klitschko,” Fury recalled. ..

Vladimir was a wise and serious leader, but expect Tyson to be a completely different kind of king. “I’m regaining the fun of boxing life,” he promises.

There are new heavyweight champions in the world. And he is an Englishman. Boxing is now in charge of Tyson Fury, so you’re ready for a wild ride.

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On this day, Tyson Fury abdicated Vladimir Klitschko On this day, Tyson Fury abdicated Vladimir Klitschko

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