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When you start a game like If On A Winter’s Night, Four Travelers, you feel like you’re missing out on some important references. After all, the name is a reference to Italo Calvino’s novel “Winter Night Alone Traveler”-I haven’t read it, but it’s clearly a kind of reflexive post-modernist novel in the second person. I know, about you trying to read the novel Winter Night Alone Traveler. A reference to a self-referencing thing just discovered by Google. I’m already having a hard time.

Anyway: Don’t worry about it. A free 1920s point-and-click mystery created by Laura Hunt and Thomas Moring, the Fort Labelers is probably full of references-repeated classical music, quoted novels, quoted poems-or It may not be! The important thing is that it helps you to become ignorant here. All the smart literary qualities of Proust and Satie pile up in the same kind of fog that cloud the minds of the three protagonists. Just like it does in Calvino’s Traveler-I hear so-: Did I understand it correctly? Should this be here? Do I remember this correctly?

For winter nights, trailer for four travelers

This is Four Travelers, a game of confusion and epistemological suspicion. You start on the train-it’s definitely a reference for Carvino. I skimmed the first chapter-and none of the travelers seem to know how they got there, which leads to the plunder of memories and regrets and all the rest, the story of Hunt is a romantic tragedy. From romantic despair to full Gothic part 3 or 4 hours of corruption.

There are some almost mild mysteries involved that ask you to follow some almost obvious instructions or clues. Occasionally, threads can be lost a bit with visual noise-a tiny little key caused me a serious problem-again, I think it’s about the same from time to time. It’s also worth it: 4 travelers are gorgeous. Travelers’ memories are spread over just a handful of Moring’s pure white, detailed pixel art diorama. Some favorites: rain; harp; small white tables and chairs in a stunning greenhouse. And light-I’m crazy about light. If the strange key is lost at a small spot in the shadow lobby, that’s right.

Anyway, this all returns to the mood. That’s what Fort Labeler really lasts through its divine rays and the red carpet and midnight blue. Trapped in the horror of flickering in their memories, a handful of people were destined to take root in all doubt for clues. Delicious! What a terrifying little jewel! Carvino would be proud-probably.


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