One page of The Witcher Season 2 script has a grain of truth • .net

The sound of meat being rented out separately.

Netflix has released the first page of the Witcher Season 2 script.

This page introduces the opening scene of the long-awaited second season of The Witcher series.

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It does not reveal much, except for the rather horrific killing of a merchant and his wife by the hands of some mysterious enemies. The scene ends with her daughter heading to the mansion and yelling for help.

I hear a pretty mysterious voice from Geralt. It sounds like he’s talking to someone (what?) Who is following him-even Gerald may be afraid.

Fans have already speculated that this season’s opener is based on The Witcher’s author Andrey Sapkovsky’s short story A Grain of Truth. The story includes a dead merchant, his wife, and a large manor house. It goes to the place.

The second season of The Witcher’s eight episodes is scheduled for some time in 2021.


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