One-page rules after the November release update

One Page Rules has really done a lot in the industry from a group of people who just create shorthand versions of sci-fi and fantasy games. They posted a November release post and, as always, are full of content with updates. You can see much of it in that featured image. Read below for more information.

From update:

Welcome to OPRPatreon in November 2020!

This month we have a lot of new content and some new surprises that will be revealed in the coming weeks. In addition to new 3D and 2D models, new games, expansion packs, and much more!

From November, there are many new ones. Welcome pack for over 15 models For Tier 2 patrons, that is Over 30 models in the first month (read more). In addition to that, we currently offer on-demand printing services. You can get a model without a 3D printer! Check out this post for more details.

Third wave of Alien hive And Mommy undead Models to be released this month and new Nomadic fleet.. If you miss the last two waves in your model, don’t worry. Models are available at MyMiniFactory. 30% discount..

This month we’re also bringing you a set of additional models from the great guys in Cobra Mode. Serious grader And Hanzaki Ninja..

To 2D printing On the aspect of things, we have a brand new Machine cult Not only the military comes, but a paper version Nomadic fleet..Then get everything on it Machine cult warband assets GF: You can play Arena together!

When it comes to games, there’s a lot Early access..Final chapter of Jacob’s Road Not only comes out, but new extensions of GFF Gang Wars..Of course you can also access Arena Season 2 Complete rulebook with Warfleet: FTL..

Then, like everything else, there are many more Complete rulebook, point calculator, weekly updates, discord channels for patrons only, 30% store discountSo it will be an even better month for all our patrons!

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