One Punch Man Tatsumi finally relaxes with the perfect new cosplay

One Punch Man’s Tatsumaki is one of the most powerful heroes in the series, but the new cosplay finally gives rank 2 heroes time to relax.

In the world of One Punch Man, Few heroes to remember Tatsumi And new Cosplay Perfectly capture her character in a rare moment of relaxation.

Produced by ONE with Yusuke Murata’s art One Punch Man It is a superhero satire following a lazy hero who can defeat the enemy with One Punch Man. Among the wide variety of characters in the series is the second-ranked hero, Tatsumaki (also known as Terrible Tornado). Despite her wind-based aliases and green hair, her tremendous power actually has a spiritual nature.Unfortunately, Tatsumaki’s strength and praise inevitably cast a long shadow on her sister. Fubuki also known as Blizzard.. One of Tatsumi’s most obvious features is her height. Tatsumi himself rarely appears to be self-conscious, but other characters often mistake her for a child when she’s actually 28 years old.

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now, Cosplay artist Ourit Finally, I posted a photo of Tasta Maki on Instagram. Ourit’s wigs, makeup and dresses are all ridiculously accurate and perfectly reproduce Tatsumaki’s signature look. The subtle green glow placed around Owlit is also nice. Especially praise should go to the wig, as its color and styling match perfectly with the seemingly difficult hairstyle of Terror. But what really enhances this cosplay is how well Ourit portrays Tatasumaki’s personality. Aloof indifference, casual use of psychic powers, posture, All of them shout Tatsumi In a way rarely seen. Fans clearly agree that the cosplay was just posted a week ago and Instagram already has over 25,000 likes.

Tatsumaki’s unique style may be easy to duplicate for cosplay, but more difficult is to capture the essence of the character. Yes, the appearance of a character is obviously important, but it’s just one aspect of what makes up a character. Personality and attitude are often the most difficult aspects of a character to reproduce in cosplay. In addition to adding details, these things can really make a good cosplay stand out in the crowd.What makes this cosplay even more powerful is that it’s a real complete scene, something that fans are unlikely to see within range. One Punch Man itself.

Tatsumi Fan’s favorite character One Punch Man There is a good reason. She may be able to act with pride above all else, but her ridiculous power set is more than justifying that attitude, not to mention the real good she achieved as a rank 2 hero. .. All of this, in harmony with her iconic design, makes her such a charming character. One Punch Man It’s fun to see this because the character is the heart of its charm Tatsumi Cosplay Perfectly nail her essence.

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One Punch Man Tatsumi finally relaxes with the perfect new cosplay

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