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Minnesota Vikings, carrying Dalvin Cook (33), defeats Arizona Cardinals’ defensive end JJ Watt (99) in the second quarter in Glendale, Arizona. September 19, 2021.Cardinals vs. Vikings

Throughout any week of the NFL season, the team will constantly quarrel with the team to deal with injuries and depths where they are needed. These moves will take place throughout the week before finally settling on Sunday’s 53 roster. These roster movements can usually show who will be in the game on Sundays. The Vikings made some interesting moves on Saturday, and they talk a lot about what they can expect.

First, let’s take a look at some of Saturday’s moves by the Vikings.

The Vikings cut off the aggressive tackle Blake Brandel, leaving room to repel Amir Abdullah, who was signed off by the practice team. NFL rules in the post-covid world allow teams to promote two players from a practice team. A promoted player can only be promoted twice before being exempted or having to sign a roster of 53 people. Abdullah was exempted after a second week contest with Arizona after being promoted in both games to start the season. Guard Dakota Dozier and Cornerback Parry Knickerson are two players promoted in the third week, each player moving up first from the practice team.

What is important about these movements? By not promoting AJ Rose’s running back from the practice team, the Vikings show that Dalvin Cook is ready to go.

Dozier helps fill the depth from the released Brandel, and Nickerson provides depth to the cornerback group that was a bit smashed last week. The Knickerbockers promotion also makes sense, as the Cornerback Harrison Hand is newly activated from the Reserve / Covid List and may take some time to adapt.

Making the cook healthy in the fields is a real prize for the Vikings. They haven’t won the last seven contests with the Seahawks and need to put all their hands on the deck to finish the streak. Cook accumulated 192 rush yards in 42 trials with a single touchdown. He also added 60 receiving yards to the 8 receptions. His dynamic playmaking ability will be a welcome sight on Sunday.

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One-shot-and Dalvin Cook officially goes on Sunday One-shot-and Dalvin Cook officially goes on Sunday

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