One Shot: Bring Your Poor, Your Tired, Your Zombies

For a while, Iron Salamander has taken amazing colorful and stylish photos Plants vs. Zombies: Battle of NeighborvilleBut I think today’s headliner was really the first to grab me. It’s like watching a screenshot of an animated movie.

“This is the Zombos version of the Statue of Liberty, right after the first point, the park,” Iron said. I don’t trust the government system run by zombies at all, but again, which government isn’t (Rimshot)?

Elindable has just returned World of Warcraft And I’m pretty crazy about it — a little bit, especially about encountering flying lizards.

“As an expired player, it’s really great to come back and enjoy the content for years. Blizzard has done a great job of making that content valuable from a leveling perspective. What is this? I’m not entirely sure if that means, but in my book the dragon and the eerie tower of rays are the winners. “

I don’t know if we ever had Sky Forge The photo before this column, at least for quite some time. So, a toast to Resia, who took us to this undeveloped territory.

“This is my character showing off her big big sword in a break from crushing the enemies of the devil’s invasion. If a solid team isn’t ready to carry you for days, what you can do in the game Rarely, but even for solo players, there are five meanings a day in the form of a god … a mundane task. Yeah, sad but pretty. “

“When the environment tells a story, I love it. This cave has a skeleton with an ax on the skull and no armor. How did that happen?” Minimalistway asked. .. “Who plundered the armor? And why did they misplace their bags?”

Now, the bag is full of old expansion systems that Blizzard no longer supports. That is, 80% of the artifact weapons and garrison.

Natalia showed us that Conan asylum seekers It’s not a primitive problem. “It’s in the Pyramid of Delquette on the island of Siptaha. With the new building set, you can create a very impressive structure (it has a hidden treasure room and a secret passage). “

And on the left is the Starbucks Bar. I’d like Venti Double Cream Mokarate.

That’s it for this week, but the comments will continue to be fun! Share some of the best or most notable screenshots of MMO games, along with stories and explanations.

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One Shots: Bring your poor, your tired, your zombies

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